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  1.  A word of warning about Co-Op...


    If like me you loved playing Demon Souls with a friend on ps3, and were thinking of doing the same with Dark Souls, think again. The system has completely changed, and it seems From Software are completely agaisnt you co-oping with your friends, and now in insist on you co-oping with complete strangers. My review shouldnt be based on this one aspect, but it's the main reason i bought the game, so I feel quite cheated. So yeh, if your looking for a challenging single player experience then go for it. If like me you were looking for that next challenging co op experience with your friends, look elsewhere.

  2.  How did Spielberg get away with it ?


    Words cannot describe how disapointed i was in this movie. The only reason its getting a star from me is becasue i cannot go any lower than that. As far as im concerned, its still a trilogy. The first three films were compelling, so much charm and whit, terrific storylines and performances by the actors. You'd think that with a gap so large between the third installment and this latest effort, they'd actually come up with a half-decent, watchable film. The one thing i find hard to condone is the plot, i know Raiders had some sci-fi elements (mainly the end when the arks contents are unleashed) but the cgi in Crystal Skull is just way way over the top. I know some people enjoyed this movie, the only reason i can think is that they maybe didnt appreciate the first three as much as I did. If you are new to the series then check it out, but if your as huge an Indy fan as i am, then this review wont mean anything to you becasue you'll have obviously been as eager to see it as I was. All i can do now is prey to god they leave Indiana alone, and that one day i might stop having nightmares about that flying refrigerator.