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  1.  Makes MW3 look like a dated arcade game!


    Just ordered my copy today after playing both MW3 and Battlefield 3. MW3 just looks like the developers have 'copied and pasted' from all their previous games and to be honest MW3 is a real disappointment. Battlefield 3 on the other hand looks the mutts nutts. I still haven't got used to the gameplay yet but the mulitplayer involves a lot more skill than just running round shooting anyhting that moves which is not on your side. Maps on BF3 make MW3 maps look pathetic! The guns could of had more detail but the sound and graphics more than make up for it!!! Well Done DICE & EA!

  2.  Great but could be better


    Great game, addictive!

    There are minor errors which could have been be easily fixed but haven't and that annoys me especially as how long GT5 fans have been waiting around for this game and the hype sony have given it. If your going to launch a game and call it the 'real driving simulator' then sort things out like when your going thru a tunnel the car sounds louder as it would in 'real' life. Go thru a tunnel on GT5 and nothing. I hate the presentation that GT5 does when you win a new car...tooooo long. When have you ever seen hexagon engines on a plane as part of the scenery?? being picky i know.

    The game is good though and I haven't gone online yet.

    Have Sony shot themselves in the foot by taking so long to launch the game and therefore buyers have become o so critical looking for any gliches???

    Had this game been lanuch within a year or two of GT4 it would have got five stars

  3.  My Thumbs hurt


    This game is so intense! I was online with five mates and after 1 hours racing around different circuits my thumbs were starting to ache. To me this is a sign of a great game! Graphics are superb, sound is superb! Only thing that annoys is the fact that people can cheat and set a lap time which will never be beaten, even by Michael Schumacher. These people should be banned from playing the game! If you like F1 and like racing this is a must in your PS3 collection.

  4.  A Must for all standard PS3's!


    Could not wait to get my hands on this hard drive. Installing was a doddle apart from the extremely soft screws holding the hard drive in its case that had been overtightened! Be careful of this when doing yours. I almost shredded the screw head! Use a plier, clamp onto the edge of the screw, get a good grip and twist.

    Once installed I had problems with the PS3 not recognising the hard drive and telling me to insert the correct one. Immediatley not happy I began a few diagnostic tasks to determine if my PS3 had snuffed it or it was the hard drive. Turns out it was the hard drive so I sent it back to Play.com and within a week I had a brand new replacement. Can't fault the service from play,


    Got the new one out plugged it in and restored my data. 2 hrs later the hard drive is up and running, sweet!

    Thanks play for your customer service, A1!

    Was toying with the idea of 500GB but I think having 5 times the storage than I'm use to will me fine!

    Five stars as Play don't make the hard drive.



    Sony's controller with bluetooth and dualshock makes it very hard to beaten! Sony please do not change the design - if it ain't broke don't fix it! controller lasts a good time from a full charge! price is good as you would buy a disc with a game on it for 40. Plus dualshock controllers have always been around this price so thesedays your getting value for your money.

  6.  MUST BUY!


    Perfect to compliment your PS3. I had and old earpiece which I had no problems with apart from comfort. Got this sony one and the quality is so much better. Come with it's own usb charge cradle, sweet!

  7.  What do you mean better than average, this game is the best!


    Maps are much better than 1st game. There is a lot more skill involved i.e. dropping a care package and making sure no one else gets it whereas on MW1 you got five kills and just pressed a button to air strike. So addictive!



    Tried the demo of this and easily got addicted. Just got my hands on the full game and yes some of the missions are easy. But it's awesome, flying through the air with no boundries on controls and shooting down baddies!!!

  9.  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


    Just when you think they can't get any better..... they do! Great Album

  10.  GRAN TURISMO...... WHO!


    I'm a very loyal Gran Turismo fan and vowed never to buy another racing game. I was waiting for GT5.... waiting.... and then some!!!! In the meantime this race grid popped up! Straight away the graphics pulled me in and then I downloaded the free demo. Wow addicted or what! This is proper racing at it's best and makes gran turismo prologue 5 look and feel like a slo mo simulator. (I'm assuming GT5 full version will be simular to prologue)