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  1.  The beginning of science fiction


    In Frankenstein Shelley treds into hitherto unknown territoy and creates the first and arguably best exploration into science fiction. The young Dr Frankenstein becomes obsessed with the challenge of creating life, taking on the role of God. However, when he succeeds in his quest he is shocked and abondons his creation. Shunned by a world in which he does not belong the nameless monster reaps a terrible revenge on his Victor destroying all he holds dear. There are so many themes that run throughout this work and so many of them can be glimpsed in later works of horror and science fiction. It is a great exploration on mans overreaching ambition and the dangers science presents, as such it is as relevent today as when it was published. An enduring classic

  2.  A sensitve, original treatment of teenage suicide


    This book deals with the uncomfortable subject of teen suicide and does so with great sensitivity and at times heartbreaking wit. It is also a highly original take on the subject. The book is written from the perspective of a teenage boy, who on returning home finds a box of tapes recorded by a girl who had recently killed herself. Each tape refers to one of thirteen people who contributed to her death and each person on that list recieves the tapes. What follows is an exploration of how our actions, however small ,effect those around us and start a chain reaction that can lead to catastrophe. I would reccoment this book to anyone, especially those in thier teen years. It is a totally gripping read.

  3.  The best edition I have come across


    Paradise Lost is the epic tale both the fall of Satan and the fall on man. Personally I find the first four books within the poem to contain some of the most moving and eloquent description of torment and loss of the whole work. Milton's vision of Satan and his self imposed Hell is second to none. One can certainly see why subsequent poets and authors quote this work and this man as being so influential.
    This edition is packed full of useful criticism, from many of the leading names within Miltonic scolarship. It was an invaluable tool in my eassay writing and i highly recommend it.

  4.  Relationships develop and change in Breaking Dawn


    Breaking Dawn is not the best of the series but certainly does not deserve the hatred spewed forth by some. The first half of the book was exceptional. It made a change seeing life from Jacobs perspective and viewing Bella and Edwards relationship through his eyes. The change comes when Bella becomes a vampire. The dymamic of her and Edwards love changes. He no longer needs to be fiercely protective of her and this was integral to the rest of the series. My feelings towards Bella as a character changed and i found it harder to relate to my favourite character. However, this change was inevitable, everyone knew where the series was headed. All in all however the entire series has been a joy to read, and i fully intend to read them all again.

  5.  Another great read from the queen of vampire romance.


    This is an excellect follow on from the emotionally fraught New Moon and highly hilarious. Bella's attempts to seduce Edward had me chuckling as did his unshakeable self-control. Their relationship deepens in this volume as Edward tries to atone for his abandonment of Bella. However Bella's feelings for Jacob Balck also develop and she finally comes to the realisation that she loves him too. What a dilemma! However, in true Meyer style Bella's quandry is explored with sensitivity and compassion. Another great read from the queen of vampire romance.

  6.  Captures the emotional depth of lost love beautifully.


    Possibly the most intense of the Twilight series, Meyer describes lost love with heart breaking gravity. Making this book a truely anguish filled read. Her description of Bella's emotional termoil manifested in actual physcial pain made me read faster praying for an ease to the tension. Although i missed the the hero in he majority of this book, i got to know the heroine so much better. Wonderful writing!!

  7.  Intense teen romance at its best.


    A beautiful yet highly unconventional love story. The intensity of the attraction between Bella and Edward is quite literally pulse quickening! With all the will they won't they tension of any of the best classic romances. Ironically it echoes the buttoned up tales of infatuation that Bella herself reads so avidly such as Romeo and Juliet and Wuthering Heights. It is all of this and more. The character of Edward is the ultimate flawed hero and Bella herself is a endeering and identifable heroine. I will admit when i first read the synopsis i was a little dubious a 'vampire romance' was not my usual literary taste at all. However, this scepticism disolved within the first few chapters. I could not put the book down. I have never read such a powerful depiction of first love bar Romeo and Juliet.
    This book is a true achievement and i cannot wait to read the sequels.