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  1.  Top read plus.......


    I had to write a review on this book after reading the last review posted with 1 star.
    I own and have read all of Mark Billinghams book and am a massive fan of the Thorne detective series,(if you haven't discovered these yet you will need to start with "Sleepyhead"(which is one of the best crime thrillers ever written).
    Anyway, with reference to "Rush of Blood" (which is not a "Thorne" novel), Mark has put together a completely new set of caricatures, and placed them in a scenario any couple on holiday could find themselves in.....this for me is what draws you in.
    One thing I would like to get across is the way MB writes. He keeps the pace high as he doesn't over describe....everything. He lets you use your imagination to fill in the blanks. So where a S King would painstakingly describe a caricature and a room over half a chapter, MB would give your 4 or 5 features and let you fill in the blanks. This enables him to paint a more detailed picture of the plot and, for me, the caricatures become more real. I hope my review helps.



    This game is A1 in all departments from start to finish. I have played (and completed) all 3 in the franchise and they just kept getting better. The story is deep and meaningful, you actually start to care/love/hate all the different correcteurs. Graphics are amazing, where the cut scene's are seamless. I could go on forever about how great this game is, all I can say is buy it, play it, you'll love it. To sum up it would be worth buying a PS3 just for the Uncharted series.

  3.  BRILLIANT! !


    I won't repeat what has been said here already, but this is by far the most underrated British film of all time! A completely unique film, that will captive you from start to finish.

  4.  Just Buy It !!!!


    This is by far the best TV show since........well since forever!!! Just buy it !!!

  5.  I just Cant stop thinking about it!!!!


    Powerful thriller, and thought provoking. Many twists, and intense ending........10/10 all the way, prob the best performance by Liam Neeson, Justin Long and especially Christina Ricci. Just Brilliant. BUY IT!!!!! Im even doing a review of this on my radio show on HFM - THESTEPTOESHOW!

  6.  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


    Buy it, read it, love it. You will love this, great twist, real characters
    Nuff said

  7.  Brill - cant wait for it to start in 2010!!!!!!


    Like the review above says - this in 10/10. Cant wait for it to start in 2010!!!!!!

  8.  Cant Put it Down


    The book has not got Tom Thorne as its main character. It says that on the "Tin". So you should expect a new set of characters, new direction on story etc. And that is what you get. The characters are as real as ever. When you do manage to put it down, the characters live in your mind until you get home from work and pick it up again to re join the world within the pages.
    There is, as always, no waffle within this M Billingham book. He manages to create vivid, colorful, living characters and scenes without spending 3 chapters describing the colour of a old mans walking stick etc......
    To sum up, 5/5 brilliant as always. M Billingham is a master of his art. Buy this. Read it. It will move you. Then buy all his books and real them in order.

  9.  It had its moments....................


    I have got all of Lee Evans' DVD's and have been lucky enough to see him live. I have always been left with aching sides with a belly full of laughter. Unfortunately this performance left me slightly disappointed. As I said it does have its moments but no were near as good as his previous performances.

  10.  Very Addictive


    This game is so addictive. From start to finish you cant put the controller down.
    Great story, sound, graphics and controls all 8/10.
    Buy it, at around £20, its a no brainer.