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  1.  One of the best RPG's on the PSP still


    Beatiful game the gameplay, the storyline, the weapons and armour Brilliant!

    When i bought this game i couldnt put it down and eventually when i finished the game i had accumulated a 63 hour save game.
    This game is up there in the elite PSP RPG's i seriously doubt that many other games will be able to challenge this.
    Its ownly downfall id say is the graphics but this is made up ten fold by graphics and gameplay.

    Buy this if your into your RPG'S you will not be dissapointed one of the best RPG's i have ever played its up there with the Final Fantasy's.

  2.  Must be in your PSP game collection.


    Another good GTA game for the PSP although if you have played the current version on any other consoles you may be a bit dissapointed with this but were talking about a psp here and i think it pulls of the aim.
    The graphics are good , the storyline as ever is good and humourous. The empire mode is very addicitve and the ability fly and a few more abilities you dont get in Liberty City Stories sets it apart from that and a much better game.
    Also the music for this game is really good.

    A definate buy at £10 if your a PSP owner i always come back to playing this, brilliant game.

  3.  BBB = Boring Button Basher


    The story line is the only thing this game has going for it apart from that everything lets it down. The graphics aren't amazing and thats a compliment and its litreally just button bashing near your enemy. Id say this is aimed at the younger and easily please gaming market. I wasnt impressed with this at all.

    Waste of money wouldnt bother personally.

  4.  Good But Repetetive, Repetetive, Repetetive


    At First this game delivers everything it promises nice cars, races a decent storyline the ability to "pimp" your car out. It really is 5 star class for the first 3 - 6 hours then after that everything just becomes repetetive all the driving missions are basically the same and just become are chore rather than enjoyable.

    Good at first but loses its appeal fast. Its a dust collector in my cupboard now, i wouldnt recommend buying this.

  5.  Excellent Pro Evo Shine's On Top For Another Year!


    As always PES shows its class over Fifa for another year by this breathtaking instalment of portable management although amazing gameplay it still lacks endorsements, Player Improvement on Master League, Commentary, Laggy and Jumpy gameplay on the ad hoc mode. It does however make up for these with amazing, realistic gameplay a challenging and worthy advasory on Top Player (The Old 5 Star on the other PES's) i bought this a year ago and im still playing it now whilst i wait for the new PES to come out. At £10 it will be the best £10 you have ever spent if you cannot wait for the new PES to come out.

    PES does have its downfalls but makes up for them with its second to none gameplay and the way you can control a ball and score a goal is amazing there are so many different ways.

    If you own a PSP and are a football fan than you must own this game too.

  6.  Good RPG But There's Better Out There


    A good RPG but i found it annoying, some of the mini games and mazes within the game can leave you frustrated. Not one of the better RPG's on the psp. the story line isn't all that brilliant either.
    I'd say it is worth buying if you are into your BoF series. If not then i would go for Tales Of Eternia or Final Fantasy Tactics. These two games are far superior to BoF and there Story Lines Immense.

    If your a BoF then yes, if your not then no. Stay Away!

  7.  Addictive! Brilliant! Easy?


    When i originally got this game i couldn't put it down for three weeks it is really addicitive the graphics are nice and there is nothing more satisfying then knocking your oppenent clean out.
    Going into career mode (creating your own character from scratch training him up to me champion) is were this game suceeds, due to variability of having him speedy, powerful or just pure stamina to see out the rounds.
    The controls are nice and easy to get use to but effective. The best boxing game out on the psp to date.
    The best £15 you can spend on any boxing game for the PSP. If you are a boxing fan its a definate buy if your not its still a really awesome game, its only downfall is when you finally master it , it becomes too easy but i guess any game you master becomes easy. All in all an excellent game and nice and cheap at £15.

  8.  Another Year Another Good Game


    As always i find the Tiger Woods series improves each year, it has acheieved it again this year with the mind games becoming quite addictive and also a neccesary part to master if you want to be the best, the usual endorsements and buying kit from the shop and clubs are there and making your own character.
    I'd say this is a game you can't play constantly hours on end as it does get tedious but its still really good and suits the psp just to hit a round (18 holes) whilst on the bus or just to pass time in between things. Id definately purchase this if i was a fan of the Tiger Woods Series, it is by far the best golfing game availabe for the psp.

  9.  Must Buy For Final Fantasy Fans!


    If you are final fantasy fan than this game is an absolute must buy, hard to get into at first i'd see its aimed at the determined/experienced player.(i had an 11 hour save, had to start again as id built my characters wrong) But once you get into it you can't put it down. As always expected with Square and Final fantasy the storyline is top notch. I still havn't finished playing yet and i have a 20 hour save. To summarise if you are a final fantasy fan or you are into your RPG'S then this game is a must buy and at £13 you cant go wrong.