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  1.  Inspirational and highly enjoyable!


    The story behind Facebook the social network giant!. This film is pure class the main character mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse eisenberg ) is fantastic great acting the whole way through very entertaining with his remarks and views!. The film gives you a great insight of how facebook came around from a small idea into the biggest social networking site in the world and were all of the ideas come from!. I highly recommend this film very enjoyable and truly inspirational.

  2.  Frustrating!!


    This is a good game with plenty to do in the way of a story mode and arcade mode! for 50pound it does feel like quite a bargain as the gun truly has been made well up to the mark you would expect it to be as a activision product!It has a ajustable scope and a pump action shotgun and works great with the sensor bar! for me though the 3 stars is more to the fact of the difficutly of the game and the pretty crap contolls and over sensitive movement with the aimer can become frustrating! however the gun its self is well worthy of 5 stars and im hoping this is the begging of more gun games to come!

  3.  eyyyyy Vito


    First off this game is not to be taken to seriously or to be compared to gta,godfather ,saints row etc...It is a very different game but still fun and the characters have been acted brilliant and have some real humour and personality unlike allot of games! None the less it could have been made in to a true great but unfortunately feels abit rushed rite at the end not a finished product!
    The pros to this game
    .Suitable for all types of gamers in the way of difficulty and controls
    .Easy achievements
    .Good missions ,characters, cars, weapons
    .the story and the feeling that you are playing a movie/game
    The cons to this game
    .Replay value is not init
    .A great land and map but nothing to do to explore it
    .no side missions
    .way to short for the type of game it is
    .could of spent more time developing the game

  4. Cass



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     Poor picture quality!


    Cass the film its self would be well worthy of 5 stars a brilliant film with some great action in! however the 2 star rating is because of how poor the blu ray picture is for this film its terrible it does not do the film or your hd tv justice!

  5.  Miss leading


    The fact that on the front cover of this film it claims to be better then essex boys and the great (rise of the foot soldier ) is and insult!!.
    It is no way near up to the same quality however iv gave it a 3 due to the fact it has tamer hassan in it who saves the film and also it has a different view by it being about tony ,pat and craig rather then carlton leach!

  6.  The great western!


    Agree with hombre , colmcille has no idea what he is talking about! This film is brill complete class! Im not a huge western fan but the quality of the acting in this film really is spot on they act the rolls perfectly!

  7.  Wild Wild west!


    A truly amazing and stunning game from the graphics to game play to hours of playing time the list really is endless and can not be faulted at any point! Its the first real big attempt at a proper western game and rockstar once again have produced a classic and hopefully a new taker for the gta series has some similar features but feels so fresh and has hours of achievments and challenges to be completed! A must have for any gamer!

  8.  Terrible


    Agreed with the status below really poor film was waiting for this to come out on dvd for a long while and was so dissapointed first time i think iv ever turned a dvd off half way through and iv seen some bad films!

  9.  Halo odst (( expansion ))


    Another edition to the Halo series in all fairness its not the best but thats not to say its not still a good game!, with the previous titles its got to much to live up to, I think what people are forgetting is that this is only really an expansion game and not a full lenth game or story there for its not packed full of new weapons and long missions m, Its short but still a good play i would only recomemed if you are a halo fan because it will not impress a first timer as much as halo 1, 2 and 3 !!

  10.  Walk from the bar drinkingggg Donn perryon!!! (Open up)


    This album is big giggs is definatly one of the best uk hiphop artists around at the moment!i must buy album gunna be big!