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  1.  You'd have to be a misery guts to dislike this one...!


    Obviously, most reviews are 4-stars or 5, which is fair and speaks for itself - but for those who claim to hate this film, that's just sad. Enchanted is a life affirming, witty, postmodern fairy tale classic, and the film I enjoyed most in 2007. Perfect family entertainment, and we should rejoice that we don't need smut or cheap shots to laugh and enjoy cinema. Hopefully it won't be diluted by a weak sequel. Leave this one as it is, Disney - perfect.

  2.  Best family multiplayer treat for Wii!


    Don't get this if you're only into single player games. It won't last long; you'll have completed all the puzzles after fifteen minutes, and replay value to beat your own high score is low. But if you play Wii against family and friends, this is an essential purchase, especially at the budget price point. You can play games with 8 players sharing one remote. I've played this with family and friends ranging in age from 8 to 70, and every single one of them had a great time playing. It's friendly, it's fun, it's light hearted - and, brilliantly, it has a dynamic difficulty level that adapts to the skills of each player. Can't wait to get a big group around and fire it up again! Certainly one of the best multiplayer games on Wii.

  3.  Why is this a "great party game"???


    I'm baffled by some of the reviews here, championing Wario Ware as a classic party game. Most of the meat of the game is in single player, and while initially it possibly is the most silly fun you can have on Wii, it's all over far, FAR too quickly. Two hours to complete the game, and have had enough of the (admittedly, again fun at first) sub-games? Sorry, Nintendo; must try harder.

    Multiplayer games do open themselves up when you've completed the single player game (the easiest single player game I've ever completed!), but they're mainly "pass the remote" affairs. In the right company, they're a good laugh. But come on, this can apply to heaps of other, much better multiplayer titles.

    Yes, it's great when you first get a Wii, you want to drag Wario out and show all your friends - but believe me, this is in no way worth the money. A budget title, fair enough, but not worth 30 notes by a long shot.

  4.  Frustratingly hard and uneven presentation


    These Snooker Championship games have been rolled out year after year for a while, and though I played the 2005 edition on PC and felt it had a few problems, I thought I'd try the 2007 edition for PS2 in the hope that it would have been refined and tweaked into a better product. Sadly, it's not much different to 2005, and in some ways it's inferior.

    If you're in any way frustrated by difficult - and sometimes, unfair - games, avoid this one. The computer players are laughably hard to beat. This doesn't mean it isn't possible to make big breaks and win games - it is, but one single slip up, and your opponent will clear up with a 100+ break, almost every time. I've played this for some weeks now, and it's possible to get better, but the computer is simply too good. As a two player game, fine; but for one player, it's too frustratingly hard to be enjoyable.

    To make matters worse, you'll find yourself inexplicably playing against a top 16 player during a qualifying match, before you get into the tournaments proper. Wha-? Ronnie O'Sullivan apparently needs to qualify to play in the World Championship, does he?

    Player models and graphics are also uneven. The surface sheen is there, but throw in some very wobbly frame rates, repetetive commentary and shoddy animation, and you're left with a pretty unsatisfactory snooker experience.

    Best avoided, all in all, especially if you don't want to be ripping your hair out in agony every time you make a mistake!