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  1.  It was going so well.....


    I WAS really enjoying this game, a lot more even than previous titles. I liked the graphics, gameplay, story and everything to go with it.

    Why didn't I give it 5 stars then??

    After clocking up a few hours on the game, it suddenly crashed. This was no big deal, as I had it once or twice before on certain games and thought it was nothing to worry about.

    On restarting the game, I was asked to adjust my screen settings. I thought was strange, but carried on. The next stage was the hardest pill to swallow....

    My game had been erased,

    The only option I had was to start over again. I was worried this was my Xbox, but other games were fine.

    This seemed to be a problem for not just me, but tons on the internet if forums were anything to go by.

    6-7 Hours of game play gone and vanished.

    Thanks IO Interactive for wasting mine and others time!!

  2.  A Bond game rarely goes wrong.


    I really liked this game. As with a lot of James Bond titles there was a lot of special effects , and general all round game play. Game didn't seem too hard either , but there was a challenge there in the game. As the whole universe is on MW2 now , I can't see me getting to test the online credentials for this one , but I imagine it's good.

  3.  Of course it isn't Fight Night , it's Prizefighter.


    It's natural that as soon as another Boxing game comes out , it will be linked with Fight Night. It isn't Fight Night , at all. The film and story is good to it , nice amount of detail. If Prizefighter used Fight Night's control system it would be slammed for imitating. That's why I think they stuck with the buttons , as opposed to the thumb sticks for hits. Some of the training modes are hard to get into , but achievable. The graphics aren't that good , but the game-play can some times can make up for that. The signature punches are easy to perform and don't take any amount of twiddling with the thumb stick. It's got a lot to live up with Fight Night , but let's be honest - does every Boxer have to be as skilled as Ali or Marciano to be considered good ? No. Stop crying about minor things.