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  1.  A typical Fifa


    A big improvement on Fifa 08 but still the same as any other football game. I love football myself but on this you play one match and you have experienced the full game. Extremely boring after 10 games into your first season. Maybe if you just rented this game it would make it more worthwhile. Good graphics and improved gameplay but no variation what-so-ever.

  2.  Great variation on a basic game.


    I really liked this game, I found that it was such an entertaining game which made you want to find out what happens next and who you are going to have to kill next. The weapons you are given are good in itself but the way each one can be used differently is great. Graphics are good and so is gameplay. After about 60-75% completion it starts to get boring and repetatative but overall I would recommend it.

  3.  Awesome quality.


    Yeah i got one about a year ago now, better quality than my 37" hd tv haha! Takes a lot of computer power though if you want to play games in full rez. Easy to use and for £180 not bad price. A must have for all computer geeks and nerds such as me. :)

  4.  Heart-warmer.


    This was a lovely film, took my girlfriend to see it and it really did make us smile.
    A good old love comedy film which makes it an amazing film.
    Can't fault it.

  5.  Ouch!


    Ok I'm not one for critism but this was actually a really bad film,
    the story took to long to get into then when it did get into it, it was over before you could get back from the lavatory!
    Wish they had supplied the 3D glasses at all cinemas, not just the London cinemax's, may have bumped this rating upto a 3 or maybe 4 stars.
    All in all godda say its a bad film, sorry.

  6.  WoW probably THE best MMORPG ever!


    Well i have played this game for over 8 months now, and what can I say? It has every aspect which makes a game amazing!
    A friendly atmosphere, endless gaming,
    amazing graphics.
    I would give this game 10/10.

  7.  Top notch


    Amazing value for money, got mine about 6 months ago and it been working perfectly, very quick loading speed in my k800i. cant say that there is any problems with it. even comes with its own adapter so im guessing you can put it in other phones/cameras also. cant fault it.

  8.  What a fun but silly game.


    Hahaha, such a fun game, endless hours of just kicking zombies in and nothing else, gets a little tedius but always a good way to take out any anger. 6.5/10