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  1.  Brilliant little drives


    I have loads of these wee crackers lying around, from 4gb/32gb and they are amazing. Have even washed and tumble tried a couple and they still work brilliantly. I use them to play movies on my xbox, transfer files at work and even have a 32gb plugged into my BT Homehub 3 for file sharing. My only advise is add a lanyard to the wee blighters as they are easily lost.

  2.  Perfect for Wii USB loading


    I have used many of these for Wii's, formatted WBFS. The drive activates when needed then shuts down when not needed. Unfortunately I would not purchase them at this price. Due to floods in Thialand the prices of HD's has rocketed as that is where most hard-drives where made.
    Hopefully the price will come down asap.
    However if you are considering buying at this price, these little drives are absolutely brilliant.

  3.  Topgear for the gamers!!!


    This game is so good, you just want to drive and drive. The graphics are amazing. I sold my PS3 to buy Xbox 360 with Forza 3 and I was not disapointed. When I saw this was getting released, I thought "Surely they can't improve on perfection"! Well they have.
    The cleanest and best driving experience on any console EVER!!!

  4.  Fantastic game


    What a great game!! It's fantastic fun. The game-play is good, the story is good and the graphics are a great upgrade from the last game.
    Negative feedback is obviously from someone who has found the game hard, but hey is that not the idea? I would hate to pay for a game that I could complete in a couple of hours.
    Buy it! Play it! Enjoy it!



    There is a lot of negative feedback on here about this game. But what did you expect? Call Of Duties have always been similar. If they had completely changed it you would have all came on here saying you hate the changes. Yes Battlefield is nicer to look at, with the Frostbite2 engine. However I have completed both and Battlefield was a lot easier than MW3. I am a big Battlefield fan, with Bad Company 2 being my favourite all time game, but the new Battlefield was all too easy.
    To conclude MW3 is a good game, not excellent just good. But nothing different than we have already seen.

    Maybe next time ACTiViSiON!!!!

  6.  The best ever for USB loading fr Wii


    These are the best ever hard drives for USB loading or Wii's. I ave had 2 of these for 2 years now and they have never missed a beat. Just a shame price keeps going up and up!!!

  7.  Fantastic sound


    Was a bit unsure how good these would be for such a cheap price. My god what a fantastic suprise. I quickly tested them with November rain (GunsNRoses) and Jar Of Hearts (Christina Perri)............I was blown away by the sound quality. 2 very different songs tested and I am so happy I bought these now.
    They also look good on, they are quite small compared to others I have seen.

  8.  Perfect for Wii USB loading


    I have used a few of the Seagate desktop drives for USB loading, and took a risk by buying this one to see if the portable one would work too. To my relief it works amazingly. Added bonus that the portable one does not need 240v plug attached, and boots up when the wii comes on. Fantastic buy, will def buy more.

  9.  Ground breaking game


    This game is absolutely stunning in every way. The facial construction of characters is best I have ever seen in a game, their expressions and the mouth moves exactly the way it should when they talk.

    Basics of this game are you are a cop and you have to solve crimes. Sounds basic but it's not. You have to search for clues around the crime scenes. You also have to question suspects and witnesses and say whether you think they are telling the truth, lying etc. If you guess wrong you lose points and have to start the questioning again.
    I am not sure if this game will appeal to the gun totting COD gamers but I love it.

  10.  I agree with MAC SHEFF


    This game is so poor. Stick with previous Tiger Woods. Do not waste your money on this. I think they have rushed this out. They should have held this back and incorporated it into Kinect.