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  1.  Excellent!!!!


    If you are a fan of the "one man army" trype of film were one man stands up against "the man" and fights then this is perfect for you. The humor in it is very well done and not over emphasized or un original. The acting is top class. Everything about this is great. Defenetly give it a watch.

  2.  Very Good


    Firstly when people say this is like GTA IV you should know this is a far better game as i found GTA IV to be relatively boring and the realism to hold the game back. However with this game i find the realism is extremely fun and very accurate without loosing the fun. For example the shooting engine in this game is unlike any i have used before and is extremely realistic. It is also very realistic as there is a huge verity of things to do ranging from hunting a massive range of animals to playing "horse shoes". I love the weapons you can use in this game.

    The story line is also strong however there are no real points at which you can make choices of what to do and the morality system has no impact on anything except how people greet you in the game. This however is understandable due to the massive map and massive choice of things to do.

    The multiplayer is fun however i would not say it is nearly as fun as MW2. This is simply because there is less to do in it and is pretty slow moving. This said if you have some friends to play with it is very fun to go wondering around the wild west and encountering gang hide outs as you have access to the entire map which i thought was a very cool feature.

    The ending was not brilliant and felt like a bit of an anti climax but the concept was cool and i still found it satisfying. (maybe it just wasn't hollywood enough for me).

    Overall i would say that the game was everything i expected it to be and more. The shooting engine was revolutionary and the concept was brilliant. The reason for my 4 star rating was simply because i began to find it a bit boring after completing it and i think i will go back to MW2 as i just find that more exciting.

    Basic summary is that if your looking for a beautiful western game with a good story line, plenty of things to do and you have a lot of time then this game is for you however if you are like me and you just like to pick up a game and get strait into the excitement then play it for 10 minuets and put the controller down to do something ells then i would recommend waiting for the game to go down in price before buying it.

  3.  Cant get much better


    i'v had these headphones for well over a year now and have used them next to every day. I even brought them on D of E this weekend were they got wet and muddy however they still work as good as new. Aswell as this i put them through the washing machine by accident and they still work well. Excellent headphones. 10/10

  4.  Good.


    The plot line itself is fairly original however the way the story unfolds is very generic. The film has some excellent actors in it and some funny moments. i would not agree with some of the other reviews as this is a film that you buy knowing exactly what you are going to get..

  5.  Seems good.


    I have just upgraded from the old motorola v3 razor so pretty much anything would be a improvement. I have had the samsung for a week now so it would be hard for me to comment on reliability. However it seems well built and sturdy. It weighs not much and is very responsive.
    The phone is simple to use and it is easy to adjust settings if you need to.
    The internet is not free however is fast and allows you to go on facebook or whatever your internet needs. however although you can go on youtube the video quality is always very poor.

    The camera is good and has different settings and effects such as panorama. The widgets are good although pretty useless.

    Looking through photos is very similar to the ipod touch and phone and you can tilt the phone on its side as scroll through the photos with your finger.

    There are some games on here such as a motion sensor dice throwing gam. However the main games that come with the phone are demoes which include Tetris and monopoly.

    The phone has google maps which works very quickly and well as-well as MSN built in.

    The only thing bad about this phone for me so far was the fact that when i first got it i found it extremely hard to get the back cover off to put the battery and sim card in however it gets easier the longer you have it.

    For its price i would say this is a excellent phone. and i would definitely recommend it.

  6.  Good.


    This film was every thing expected it to be. The story line was original and i have never seen anything like it in any other film except battle royal. incidentally is probably a better less hollywood film. the actors are all good especially steve austin and vinnie jones. The film is good value for money so i would recommend it.

  7.  BRILLIANT!!!!


    I watched this film at Christmas night about 12:00. By the time i was finished watching it i was wide awake. The film is not in any way serious but is great fun. i would recommend seeing the original first but you don't really need to if you don't want to. Any way i cant see any possible way this film can not leave you in a good mood after watching it. 10/10.

  8.  Fun game.


    I'm going to start by talking about some of the common complaints of this game.

    Firstly a lot of people complain about the shortness of the single player. Well for a start although it is short there is a lot of re playability. such as replaying for achievements. Also everybody knows that it is a online game which is why you would buy it in the first place.

    Another common complaint is the fact that you have to listen to the high pitched Americans all the time. Well you can mute them very easily.

    Another complaint is the size of the maps are to big. There is a lot of variation in the map sizes for a start so you are not always on massive maps and people do tend to meet in the middle of the maps anyway.

    Some people complain that the game is not up to the media hype. I don't no what these people where expecting but clearly they where expecting a game which you could jump into and fight yourself. It is just an xbox game.

    A final complaint is that the story line does not make sense. Which is also untrue as it does make a lot of sense. Again this links back to the point that the game is for the online play not the Single player.

    Overall the Game play is brilliant. They missions are fun and there is a lot of variation. You are no longer limited to being forced to take specific paths to your destination. The variety of weapons is brilliant and the characters are strong. The online play is great and fun. They shotguns are still week and some weapons such as the draganof sniper rifle are not in the online play which is a shame. But otherwise this is is a game which you can leave in you're xbox the hole year round without needing to change it for another game. Definitely recommend it.

  9.  Good


    this album contains some great songs such as with or without you and beautiful day. it is expensive compared to some other albums but it is worth it.

  10. Legend


    Bob Marley - CD

    23 New from  £6.49  Free delivery

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    This is one of the greatest albums of all time. Most albums only have 1 or 2 great songs but in this album every song is great. no matter what mood you are in this music will always put you in a good mood. No library should be without. 10/10