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  1.  Great fun


    A great Star Wars game. It isn't the best in it's genre however the but fans of the series will love the chance to battle against hoards of Imperials and Jedis alike.

  2.  Avoid if you have any other commitments


    One of the best games I've ever played. A must have for any RPG fan. Sadly you will lose all your free time to this game, things like food, drink and partners will become an after thought. :)

  3.  What it lacks in originality it makes up with game play


    When I started to play Uncharted I found it very difficult to put down. The landscapes are excellently put together and which is a major highlight of the game as is the effective narrative.

    Although the type of game is similar to other more established franchises there is enough to distinguish it's self as a hit for the PS3.

    Go on, treat yourself.

  4.  Good release title


    I recently picked up a PS3 and chose this game to be shipped with my unit. This game is great to pick up and get straight into. The campaign mode has a good story and lots of interesting backdrops where you play out your missions and some cool weaponry.

    This game has been out a while now so I wouldn't recommend you spend your hard earned cash on it but if your looking to pick up a PS3 and this is included in the offer you shouldn't be disappointed.

  5.  If it aint broke..


    The original PS controller reinvented the design and paved the way for all following units. Then the PS2 version was released and that was fantastic. I don't believe anything comes close to Sony's designs so I really like this unit, the wireless is a great and the sixaxis can be pretty good fun in some games.

    If your in need of another controller for your PS3 then look no further, unless you can wait for the DualShock 3.

  6.  Evil is crossroads


    I don't wish to explain the horrors which forced me to watch this film but the only way I'd do it again is if someone were to tie me down and pin my eyelids back, clockwork orange style.

    Avoid to save your soul.

  7.  Don't pay full price.


    This is a mildly entertaining film that doesn't attempt to raise the standards of it genre nor does it try to stray too far from the first average outing.

    It's a simple plot quickly thrown together to produce some relatively nice actions scenes followed by some painful light hearted moments.

    In a year which brought us action films like Transformers I'd have to say hold off buying till it's on offer and spend your money on something else.

  8.  plumbernator got it spot on


    Going to have to agree with plumbernator's review above. Fans of the previous films will not be let down by The Order of the Phoenix.

    The pace of the film is well done with light hearted and character development moments between the incredible action scenes.

    All the performances have come on too since the last outing which reduces the annoying 'kids' scenes.

    On the whole a entertaining film. well worth adding to the collection.