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  1.  Not has good has the book


    I was gripped with the book when it came out, so when the film came out i went to see it and it wasnt what i excpected, the film lacks from Anthony Hopkin's portrayl to a much younger hannibal who isnt scary or has chrasmatic has Hopkins portrayed him, again i would of liked to see Clarice starling but she would of even excisted yet....
    a enjoyable film but i miss Hopkin's and i couldnt bare another sequel only if they lure hopkins back which is a huge yes or No

  2.  A waste of time


    Not what i excpected, jim carreys worst performance since Bruce almighty. The film lacks in a lot of thing's but it is carreys performance which is a huge let down, please Jim stay to comedy and leave the horror to the other guys ok?....

  3.  The Best


    I can not explain why this is so brilliant, is it the script's? the characters or even the mix of gritty seedy and flawless design of the entire series?
    A must buy

  4.  The dresden fails...


    the series starts of rather well i really liked ther first couple of episodes, when i got into it it seemed to fade away to poor scripts and uhhhh the dialouge in some of this is really corney, i mean come on 3 episodes 5 star the rest, 3 to 2 stars, again it's failed me
    seems today it's rather hard to find something descent to watch on tv.

  5.  Well thats a first


    Will Ferrell is a comic genious Talladega nights anchorman classics he knows how to make people laugh, now Blades of glory i found it rather dull im afraid, i dont know why but he didnt make me laugh at all, i mean this could of been better but it's just a slapstick comedy which i am not fond of, if you excpect this to be like talladega nights then your in for a surprise
    Though it's still worth a watch but nothing to get over excited about.

  6.  Awesome Season


    Absolutley loved this, at first i was sceptic about this but i really like it when i got into it, a great first season

  7.  PS3's best game..... so far...


    After playing the demo from the Playstation store i was quiet impressed with the great gameplay, stunning graphics and awesome FX this has to be the game the PS3 was made for, backed by blu ray this gives the game a huge boast and great landscape, a must buy

  8.  This is the reason..


    The reason i picked blu ray was that i know later on that disney/pixar would release there films on to blu ray, And this is why cars was not upto the par of Monster inc or Finding nemo but it is visually stunning on DVD it will be mind blowing on Blu ray, I cant wait for Pixar to release There other titles onto Blu ray, go blu ray!

  9.  Cool


    A Very interesting first season i found this very enjoyable i am hoping for a extra full dvd

  10.  A new Bond for a new generation


    Has the film is a reboot of the James Bond series, the music had to be a has rough and gritty but excotic has the film, david arnold has done it again delivered a surperb soundtrack mixing the "You know my name" with hint's of the Bond theme it is only at the end that you get to see the potential of the whole soundtrack, a great buy