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  1.  The worst story I ever read


    Eragon was fantastic, Eldest a bit boring but a good reading. Brisingr was only boring... and this Inheritance is the worst in everything. Childish ending, rushed writing, boredom...

    It doesn't cost a lot, so I'm not angry for having bought it, I'm just disappointed for it wasn't good enough.

    Harry Potter 7th book was very good compared to the others, the best of the 7. But in this case, Inheritance was the worst.

    I could suggest you to go and read just a storyline of what happens in Inheritance, but it would disappoint you anyway, because the whole story is so childish.

    Now that I know all this, I can say that Eragon was the only book worth reading. It is full of action, people, cities, emotions, happening things and battles. Inheritance needs to be forgotten.

  2.  Fantastic!


    This book is full of imagination and knowledge, there are so many stories that make you move in space and in time. I like them all. Asimov is a genius. The very low price makes this book a must for everyone.

  3.  the best


    When I watched The War of the Worlds I thought I would never see a better film.
    I was wrong.
    This movie is so perfect that a sequel shouldn't exist!
    Storyline, images, sound... all above perfection.

  4.  perfect


    Stunning image and sound quality.
    Loads of extras
    Plenty of audio and subtitle languages.
    All films yet.
    What else do you want? Oh yeah, a very reasonable price!

  5.  Fantastic!


    This is a must-read book.
    Once started you cannot take it down, although you must read it carefully to understand everything. If you rush you risk to miss some essential points!
    I bought out of curiosity, having read the first 2 adventures of Robert Langdon (Da Vinci code and Angels and demons) and in my opinion this is the best after Angels and demons!
    Thanks for reading my review!

  6.  Perfection


    I enjoied this book very much!
    It is never clear who the bad guys and good guys are, and the plot is perfect. While reading I thought a lot about the story, ad I was wrong a lot of times. It is unpredictible!
    I think this one of the best book I have ever read, and I have also read Angels and Demons!

  7.  A must


    That is a must for everyone who wants to read Harry Potter books. It is a very good lecture, sometimes funny, and it explain a lot of the things that aren't explained by the books.

    I suggest you tu buy Magical Beasts and Quidditch Through the Centuries as well.