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  1.  Won me over


    I wasn't sure about this when I got it initially and even put off playing it while I had Bioshock 2 to work through but when I did start working my way through this I thought it was fantastic! I've not played any god of war button mashers like this before but it's really good. The levels are well thought out and designed well and the upgrade systemdoes a good job of letting you decide how you want to play the game. I did knock 1 off for it's lack of replay value (even though I did play again for the achievements) but thoroughly enjoyable and I'm looking for other games in this style such as Castlevania.

  2.  Very good selection


    I've never really classed myself as a Foo Fighters fan but I've liked a fair number of their tracks. When I came online and saw this album I thought it was great value and worth a look. I'm glad I did as it's very good and while there were still a couple of tracks I didn't recognise it's well worth a purchase.

  3. Shogun



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     A brilliant story


    I've read this novel a few times now and it really is one you can go back to again and again. Clavel does a fantastic job of bringing to life the old Japanese ways. It's a bit of an epic but one you wont want to miss.

  4.  Can't be faulted


    I love a good revenge film and what you get here is a GREAT revenge film. I maybe wouldn't rate it quite as good as Man on Fire but it's really worth a purchase.

  5.  Fantastic follow up


    I'm still playing through this but it's proving to be a very good follow up to BS. While you probably don't need to play the first installment of the series to enjoy this game it would probably help and really sets up the history of Rapture well. A great game if you like FPS and fancy something different to another war based game!

  6.  Great concept, great game.


    To be honest I never really felt drawn to this game when it first came out but when Bioshock 2 was released I thought I'd give it a go and I'm so glad I did. The story is fantastic and the game play works really well. A must for FPS fans. While you probably don't need to play this before Bioshock 2 I would recommend you do as this will be a great introduction to the story of Rapture.

  7.  Brilliant


    An excellent game! The role playing aspect means this is not just another puzzle game where you're matching gems over and over again, it really gives you something to go back to. Very addictive. Slightly frustrating later on where it's hard to progress the story when you're constantly battling random enemies but still a very good game and would thoroughly recommend.