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  1.  this seems promising!


    this anime seems to have a good potential from the 2nd episode. to put it simple, first of all you discover there are 2 people that are planning the death of the new governer as he is a criminal and attracting scum to the town. black cat has been ordered to kill him but the other guy just needs some money to live!
    You later meet 3 extra characters another assassin that black cat seems to become fond of as she opens his eyes to thinking he is not the only one in the world that has had to live this way. plus there's a girl who knows a lot about government experiments and plans to steal/ rescue another girl who is a government experiment. but that proves to be a little difficult! but i won't spoil it for you, you will have to see for your self!

  2.  worth the money!


    (Im not sure if this one comes with the audio book) ive been using this book and audio cd that comes in a set and this product does really help get u in the mood for learning and gives you a small challenge that doesnt put you off of using this product. It has little flaps that are on the sides of the book that are used to cover certain words so you can guess the words in japanese and whilest learning them. You wont know each lesson in only 15mins off by heart but you will pick them up easily after going through a lesson a few times. And its good because you can fit it right into your bag to travel with it:)

  3.  good but get some text books too!


    This game teaches you really well but from learning with text books aswell at the same time i strongly suggest using text books too. As i noticed that the numbers can be in kanji and hiragana so ive been using both my ds and books so i can apply my japanese even better and you should do it too :) but this game does really help and is definitely worth the by!!!

  4.  if you love the old games, you'll love this one!


    This game consists of not just the original bomberman game, but also has many different multiplayer games, as well as a story to play and complete.

    Original Bomberman option: this has a variety of different modes a few such as Zombie, crown, dark mode and random. It has around 20 different modes to play, some you'll already know and some you may not.

    Multiplayer mode: there are a few modes in this but not that many, unfortunately; around 4-5 which you can only unlock through the story mode 1 in each land of the bomberman lands.

    Story mode: you start off as bomberman on a beach vacation away from bombing stuff then after being given a email device you are invited to a theme park world. Which seems to be being ruled by a cowboy villain who at that present time is the champion of the theme park and has something against you as you look exactly like him. Through out these lands you are forced to rank as high as you can as you won't qualify for the next world after a certain amount of rounds as you will either be promoted to the next world or demoted and have to do the whole world you're currently on all over again. Whist completing a world you will only be able to access certain areas at a time because of that evil cowboy! This is a little annoying at first but as you progress through the game it won't annoy you as much. Also after completing the first, second and third sets of each world you have to go back to the hall and train for other upcoming challenges in the story mode; these aren't just single player games but multiplayer too, however you will only be able to play against the computer on the story mode. During your stay at bomberman world you will be able customise your bomberman to gain different things such as 'style' which will lead the bombers that work for the bomber-world to give you extra tokens, allowing you to compete more times than your competitors.

    Story: 7/10 (its fun but simple)
    Game play: 9/10 (a very wide range of different ways you can use the remote)