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  1.  Pants!


    Oh dear, what a shame. After all the hype, all we got was poor graphics, poor controls, poor sound and poor gameplay. I soooo wanted to like this game, but it's truly awful, it feels like a very very old game, you don't so much as run as slide around the maps, a bit like Doom!

  2. Blur



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    This game takes Mario kart, Wipeout and Need for speed - blends them together and delivers something that is fast, furious and fun. Offline this game is good, but it's only really a fraction of the experience. It's once you go online that you appreciate just how good this game is. Bizarre Creations have pretty much replicated the COD rewards system and this keeps you hooked for ages. It's been a while since I've had that "just one more go" experience, but this game does just that. All in all it's fantastic, give it time and you'll find you can't put it down.

  3.  Once you play this online - there's no going back


    Online, this game is awesome!. I put off buying this for some time, but once played I'm as addicted as everyone else is, maybe more. The graphics, maps, weapons and perks are near perfection and the speed of response is unbeatable - play Killzone 2 after this and it feels sluggish by comparison. If I had to sum this game up - it's like when you get a new girlfriend, you like the look of the new one, you have fun a lot of the time -but you just can't stop thinking about the old one and the fun times you had . . . . . . Buy this now!

  4.  An amazing album


    I often scan the internet looking for aural gems that move me, and boy, this moved me. Craig Armstrong has a history that includes being in bands such as Hipsway, the Big Dish and Texas. But this album is so much more than the sum of these parts, this album is stunningly brilliant. If you like the thought of classical music but always feel it should be brought up to date, listen to this album, after all, that's what craig does, he produces beautiful orchestral tracks that are so good they've been used in many many films, Moulin rouge, The quiet American and the Negotiator to name but a few (and they use samples in the X factor every week) go on, take a punt and listen to this album, you won't be dissapointed.