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  1.  No hasty decision!


    THis is one of those 'Marmite' films. When I went to the pictures having no idea of what to expect I almost walked out after half-hour, It seemed to make no sense,be disjointed and difficult to engage with...HOWEVER..perseverance is a must and how rewarding it is. Each story is neatly expanded and tidied up by the end leaving the viewer with quite a task. That is because the delight lies in reflecting on what you have just seen and just how damned clever and thought provoking it is. The fun lies in watching each story develop to its end. The overall concept is both brave and amazing having a small group of actors playing key characters from the different storylines, even daring to have them playing different gender/races.Furthermore it manages to mix it up quite magnificently.Never have I witnessed such extreme violence and slapstick comedy, together with serious ethical questions and amazing sci-fi concepts spanning such a huge timeline. This is a film that will be so enjoyable to revisit and watch again. I for one cannot wait to immerse myself oncemore. Full credit to Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant ( brave choice for him! ) ,Jim Broadbent ( always quality from him), Hugo Weaving ( scary as a female) and all the others in this amazing film.



    Superb fast service...thanks for an excellent purchase..very pleased...will certainly purchase from again

  3.  GREAT!!


    I didn't really have any inclination to see this until I picked it up cheap after knowing Jeff Bridges won an oscar for his part. What a great film, story has been done many times before but the performances are exemplary. Jeff was born for this part and is totally convincing as the burned out alcoholic c&w singer struggling with losing his grip on success. His grizzled bitter gruff personality is wholly realistic and so is his awakening to his own mortality and failures. The relationships between himself and the mother and child are totally believable and the film builds to a satisfying, realistic end. I haven't even mentioned the terrific soundtrack and amazing voice that Jef Bridges has kept a secret all these years ( except maybe the fabulous baker boys..Did he sing in that? ) Anyway , together with Colin farrell he does a terrific job and this film will be put straight in with my faves!!..Dave

  4.  Good idea but didnt really have the legs!!


    I saw this film on TV and am glad I did before I bought it. I knew from reviews it was not going to live up to the premise and I was right. Sure the idea is horrific and so is the play-out in your mind.There are intense moments of despair that make you feel awkward but for me there were too many loopholes and missed opportunities.I feel that the image of the 3 characters on there knees looked more like some drunken student high jinks...it needed to be more explicit in showing just how horrifically they were connected. But for me there were too many obvious questions..like just how did he get them on and off the operating table together,how did he get them upstairs when they clearly couldnt manage it. How as an eminent ( albeit- nutty) surgeon had he not worked out that the rear ended one would die not least from starvation. Unfortunately for me there was genuine horror but the image of them playing follow the leader on their knees was more comical than genuinely uncomfortable to watch ( as it should have been). Dave Insectosaurus

  5.  A great classy thriller!!


    I agree with all the positives in the reviews...This is a quality film with great storyline,beutifully filmed atmospherically and a stunning performance from Leo...But as good as the twist is, it is not unique and bears similar threads to another great (albeit cult) classic that few will have seen...The Ninth Configuration by Peter Benchley...Check it out!! ..Dave

  6.  nice return for Mel


    I agree with all the positive reviews...Mel really knows how to play the 'emotion' and slips easily back into his 'action' genre. I also will concur with the review regarding the lip-synching problems half way through...I thought it was just my player but obviously not.. That aside would highly recommend this film....its gonna make me look twice when leaving a car!!!

  7.  WOW .............


    I bought this for my wife since she has enjoyed the resurgence of the band and their success. To be fair I was never that bothered by them until their triumphant return. Having said that I have enjoyed all of their recent material and this concert is a sheer marvel. Fantastic on Blu-Ray the colours,the sound. the whole spectacle is staggering. Any 'boy band' must be quaking in their boots and the thought of competing with this. sheer quality in every department and so well deserved. Excellent Disc ..do not hesitate to buy!!

  8.  sad but true this players pooo!


    I am firast to admit that it is a mistake to live your life guided by others but in this case the poor reviews are entirely accurate.
    This plater is constantly unresponsive,freezes whenever it chooses,will not convert video files or tune in the FM radio.I could go on but you get the idea.Even paying £17.99 was way too much for this piece of rubbish.I have returned it for a full refund.Given that this has received so many poor reviews I am amazed and dissapointed that PLAY are still selling it - especially now that it is £49.99.
    DO NOT BUY unless you are one of those that settles for whatever life throws at you because this ain't worth humiliating yourself with.

  9.  Not bad xx


    Do you know something - the worst mistake you can make is having your life and actions dictated by others opinions.This film is not marvellous and is certainly derivative of a host of fantasy films especially LOTR but this is a FUN film.Forget comments like 'why' did an actor choose this.If you want entertainment that dooesn't require your brain to be worked too hard then sit back and watch this.OK so it is coasting for some of the cast but at least they are having fun doing it. UWE BOLL gets a lot of stick for his films but this is probably his best so far.The photography,music,sets,special effects and actors are all pretty much up to par. If there is a fault it is me being picky with some bizarre edits. That aside - and bearing the budget price - enjoy this film for what it is.

  10.  'Tower of strong'....AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    At the risk of repeating everything already said I just had to have my say.I didn't get 'into' the man until the release of 'first we take manhattan'.I was totally blown away by the man and the person he is. That voice..that poetry and the sheer fascination of the life he has lived. When I saw previous reviews of this DVD I knew I had to have it.Speaking as someone with MUSE,Dream Theater, Eagles ,Yanni in my top 5 music concerts Leonard comes crashing straight in.
    This is such a delightfully accessible concert and such a joy to watch and own.To have shared the experience live must have been magical. Every song played to perfection by himself and WHAT a band.The quality and standard of musicianship is breathtaking and songs I have never heard were an intoxicating joy to my ears. I love everything about this concert.The songs, the music ,his voice - and WHAT A VOICE from a man in his 70's. I love his coyness and understated performance. His genuine surprise at the the audience reaction and his constant namechecking and pleasure in the musicians he has surrounded himself with.This is a man who draws you right into his world and treats you to a bouquet of emotions on every level. For me one of the most standout moments was his captivating recital with just subtle keyboard backing.I felt my whole senses focussing on his every word and I can only feel humble to think this guy in his 70's can make me 'FEEL' so powerfully.
    There can not be many - if any live DVD's out there that can so magnificently place the viewer in the audience and draw them right into the show to share a wonderful evening with a truly gifted man and his music.
    This is truly aural manna from heaven.