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  1.  Great Value.


    A fun game to play and when you're paying around 10 for a game and the camera you know you're getting a good deal. Xbox Live Vision cameras alone can cost 30. I brought this for the camera but the game is a bonus well worth keeping and playing.

  2.  Fantastic film.


    This awesome film is Visually spectacular with a captivating storyline. An absolute must see.

  3.  Great Tactical game


    I personally love this game. You play as a member of a special Task force and essentially hunt down terrorists and save hostages. I love the interface in relation to your teammates. You are able to send them in to clear rooms, tag enemies for them to prioritise in shooting, and just generally work as a team. Stealth is important in this game if you want to complete it on the harder levels which is a style of gaming I often prefer to the all guns blazing, never die games. I'd recommend it, great fun.

  4.  Left Me Happy


    Zombies, Gore, Guns and Bill, what more do you need? This game is so fun one Zombie can even vomit on you! In this game you play as one of 4 survivors and essentially try to survive long enough to progress to a rescue point. My main critiques of the game are it's limited storyline and limited arsenal of weaponry. There are only 4 missions for you to complete in total, though downloadable content does allow for Survival mode on a tiny 5th Map. The achievements in the game are really fun to achieve, especially with the added bonus of being able to play and achieve as the special infected characters in online Multiplayer. This means you get to be the super zombies! This game is by no means perfect, but is great fun to play with your mates, a right laugh with things like the noises a Boomer makes and the Expert mode is actually challenging so it isn't just a walkover. A definite recommend, will be buying Left 4 Dead 2 on release 2009 with high expectations. Great game.

  5.  Looks great.


    I would buy this if it was available in smaller sizes.

  6.  Great Comic.


    I actually went and saw Russell Howard Live in Folkstone a couple of weeks ago and he was fantastic. Everything I see of him tends to be great, and I don't doubt this DVD is any different!

  7.  Fantastic


    There are not many cameras on the market that are able to perform like this one. If you are an adventurous person, then this is the sort of camera for you. It's tough, durable, and there's no need for water to stop you. It looks like an ordinary camera, no big plastic casing that makes it waterproof, which I personally think is a plus. This time when I accidently drop my camera on the floor, or into the snow when on a glacier in Iceland, I won't have to keep my fingers crossed it still work lol.

  8.  A tad Geeky?


    Just a tad lol. I like Halo, I like playing it round my mates house, but I wouldn't go as far as buying a hoodie with it on.

    If you like Halo that much, fair enough, it looks like a good quality hoodie, but nah, no for me.

  9.  Niiiice!


    This Art Print looks great on my wall, really colourful.
    I remember first seeing this in one of my Art classes and perhaps at the Tate gallery? Anyway, yeah, looks gooood!

  10.  Halo?


    Haha, It actually looks quite cool, I personally am not going to buy it 'cause it's pretty geeky!
    I like playing Halo every once in a while round my friends houses, but as someone said below, when wearing this, you're bound to get called a Halo Freak. If you don't mind that, then buy it 'cause I reckon it looks pretty cool lol.