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Top 100 Books Reviewer
69 (86% helpful)

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  1.  Now finally a review from someone who actually has the book!


    First off I don't know why Placeholder's vague review of a book he hasn't read made him a top 10 book reviewer but I can say now that I actually have the book and will be reviewing it.

    The book feels good quality and it handles alright. The majority of the guide focuses on the main story walk through (248 pages out of 286) and is detailed to a certain extent. The guide reads like a story. For example the majority of missions won't require you to even use the guide as it is stated what you have to do during the mission. It is more useful to use to make sure you have completed all the missions in order, and find other bonuses that get unlocked as you complete missions that are not stated in the game such as "random characters".

    The last 20 odd pages focuses on Liberty city maps regarding specific sections of the city islands. This shows the location of basically everything, spread through 3 identical maps per island with each focusing on either Points of Interest, Pickups or Stunt jumps & "Flying Rats" which are hidden packages. These handle pretty easy. There are marks on the map of their locations and for the hidden packages there are also a set of pictures of their locations for each one. This is the same set-up for the other city islands.

    Finally there are a list of achievements and tips on multilayer maps and not to forget mention of Police wanted levels and advice on losing the heat. These are pretty much as stated, tips and hints which are always useful to read and implement.

    Overall this is a pretty standard guide. It feels good and mentions the appropriate things you need to know. You can't really go wrong for under £10, but anything more would be pushing it.

  2.  New angle Burnout


    The latest need for speed game took away its exploration aspects, whilst the latest Burnout game has included it. This games is certainly different from other burnout games, but rather than not include extras it has merely added much more.

    However admittedly the best place for this is on Freeburn, online. Here you can perform challenges, races and stunts online with up to 8 other people, and this is where the fun is.

    The map is easy to get used to and there is plenty to do. Each street has its own type of event, and the more events you do the more cars you can get.

    Overall this is a good games and it excels online. I recommend buying this games, and to play it online for the best fun - there is little moaning online for once!

  3.  Frustrating at first!


    You will receive this and think, what have i just bought? Upon receiving this i thought i had miss-read the product as I could not see how it actually would charge-up my ipod in the UK.

    However one of the plugs dismantles - The plug that has the USB socket. Put the pins in and you need to slide it in the direction of the pins. Don't worry about ramming it as it is quite stiff at first, in fact very stiff. Once you've manged to take the USA socket out replace it with the UK one and you're off.
    This is a great little product, but the lack of instructions is frankly appalling. I myself had to read the reviews here to work it out! (Which I should thank you for that by the way!)

  4.  Coming from a different point of view..


    What do you expect from a guide? All the secrets and help you need, am I right? Well that's what I was expecting, and I quote "On Bungie's request, we don't reveal them all", referring to secrets time and time again.

    Well for those of you who want a guide where you later refer to the internet, fine, by all means buy this guide, but it will annoy you with half of the things it misses out on!

    I've bought guides before, and thought they were great, but this guide is severely hampered with the interference on Bungie. It's an ok guide, nothing spectacular - I don't seem to refer to it often (Having to pause during battles to read over and over for this game isn't appealing).

    The bottom line is that this guide does explain many of the games features, but thats just it, only many, not all. Its not a bad guide, I just don't consider it to be a so-called good guide either. You decide what you think.

  5.  Wow!


    Just watching the short introduction of this film in HD is spectacular - you can really see the difference it makes. The picture is just so sharp, the colours are divine, and as for the story, well it's brilliant, but I'm sure your here for the HD review!

    Well the bottom line is, if you liked this film before HD, then buy this and enjoy. This would easily make a fine start to you HD-DVD collection.

  6.  Truth be told...


    First I bought this DVD for £5 (The current Play.com price is £14.99), So for me I had a bargain. It's hard to persuade a non-believer into changing their mind or even to watch this film purely because they believe the whole theory is non-sense, yet Truth be told this film talks a lot of sense. Theres absolutely no harm in buying or watching this DVD (Low Carbon emissions to!), in fact it may enhance your life and you wallet size if you choose to take its advice!

    A good documentary on the impact that we do in fact have on the planet with some good laughs, hard facts and also based on a true story mind you.

  7.  I don't usually give out 5stars by the way...


    Well this is truly something a Final Fantasy Fan should have, their very own personal companion for the long journey ahead. If you don't want to know where every treasure is this book still caters for you. It has an in-depth walk through and a quick look walk through, both of which are very useful. With Side-Quest's incorporated appropriately into the main walk through this Book just works. All Characters, Weapons, Skills, Side-Quests, Secrets, Maps and more all have their own access point.

    This Book has had a lot of work put into it and you can truly see that inside. Beautiful Artwork and Level suggestions for each phase enhance your experience. Your money is going towards something great here.

  8.  Back to the Future...Part 2


    I've gone to the past, seen it and can't wait to come back, that pretty much sums up my experience. Yes this does have some good games, if you played them on the original Sega MegaDrive, but I feel that I hyped this game up too much that I felt disappointed. Yes I have played the games that I did when I was younger but the experience wasn't the same. Thinking back at how good they were might have been better I think.

    With a wide range of games here and an array of memory's this is a great game to buy with great value for money.

  9.  4GBs, 4 Stars!


    With more than enough space for you to store your music, photos and work, this 4GB USB is perfect for those who like and need to transfer work from computer to computer, for instance this is perfect for students, and even those who just want that little bit more memory for there computer. The U3 feature is great, but doesn't work for Mac OS. A U3 description can be found online describing it's features.

  10. 9/11



    1 New from  £39.99  Free delivery

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    This documentary initial was meant to follow the life of a rookie firefighter and luckily gives a mass audience a view of the heroic firefighters on the day, capturing the events in real time.

    (It says its 50minutes long when it's approx. 2hours long, Typo)