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  1.  absolute amusment


    i got this game pre-ordered so ive had it for a while and when i got it i played it for weeks it is even better when you have your mates round and you all play on a level the good thing is if you really get into LBP then you cant get bored, u may stop playing it for a week but u could be sat at work or college or wherever and you will get an idea of somthing to build or a level to design in my opinion a game that can do that has to be aplauded i dont know why people put 1 and 2 stars for it it might just not be a game for ultra serious gamers but if you are everyone else you will like it

  2.  great fun


    i got this after playing the demo and i didnt even realize that jack black was in it until i heard the character speak lol. but if you like a non serious game its definatly for you WARNING SERIOUS GAMEERS stay wawy from this game you may just end up wasting £40 play the demo first. i was a bit dsapointed by the multiplayer modes i just dont think its decent enough for you to sit and enjoy i mean i will play it but as soon i i get the trophies ill stop. as for the story well i dont want to spoil it but they are some familar faces and its just a good laugh to sit and play on your own

    my opinion a great game and well worth the price

  3.  good if your a fan


    Personally i think this a priity good film not quite classic terminator but some great action moments

  4.  not too good


    i havnt bought this game coz i was scepitcal about it like the first one so i borrowed it of my mate and i must of been playing it for an hour and after that i just got bored i mean i didnt play it long but basically the first couple of levels involve you going from room to room and killing the people in the room basically it has no flow the overall visuals and that are good all though sometimes i couldn't focus on what i was shooting at it is also very scary which is good i liked that but if you get bored that quick its not worth it really

  5. Skate 2

    Skate 2


    9 New from  £13.40  Free delivery

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     skate 2 (demo)


    I got the demo the other day and from what ive played its ten times better it doesn feel like ur just skating from 1 spot to another like skate did eveything around you can be moved, jumped or put out of the way. One small issue and its with the runing around it does feel very slow sluggish and unresponsive but it shouldnt put you off buying this game, if you loved skate is is great for you if you its got twice as much ecitment in but beware all the spots which you loved in skate will proply be gone. If you havn't play skate well your in for endless night of trying to get the best spot you can or just completing the thing.
    Ive already pre-ordered my copy.

    Overall this game is more in depth more fun and thats just what i got from the demo :p definatly one of the games to buy of 2009 in my opinion

  6.  greatness


    ive been wating for this game since it came out and ive loved it for all of its worth, i have all the gh series and rock band tipped my collection off nicely couple of issues the guitar frets are horible! i was ecxpecting really quiet taps but it sounds like ur using a hammer to hit the frets its that loud it puts all ithe great work of the stum bar to waste (its appsolutly silent) the drums are great lots of fun, yes they are loud but it you have an decent audio system all you need to do it crank it up and the tap becomes a wisper (dont do this at 2:00am apparently the neighbours dont like it :P) the mic is great fun just one issue you dont have to accually sing i humed a hole song.. so yea overall worth the money just wish the guitar was better

  7.  nothing special


    This game seems to look good but it really isnt its assasins creed all over again i completed this in a day and got the black saber crystal too amoungs the others this game is just purely a button basher the boss fights are good ill give it that but they are somthings that annoy me like you could be walking along and get stuck on a mound of dirt... This game should be avoided buying renting would be a better idea i looked at the reviews on here and thought am i playing the right game

    So yea dont buy this game just rent it soon after its competed u will understand

  8.  great


    i saw this film on tv and i m definatly going to get it the plot is brill it does require alot of your attention but if you stick with it would will loe it before the twist at the end it is all very confusing but it makes sense when its revealed definatly worth it for the price

  9.  great fun!!!


    i love this little thing at first it was a bit of a chew on getting it started but as soon as u find out how to fly it its easy, i had it buzzing around peoples heads on the first day i got it! My only problem is that the instruction to charge it are well limited just make sure u go out and buy a fresh set of batteries

  10.  overall good


    yet again another great game by red octane my personal opinion of this game is a bit of a disappointment, i mean it is a great game and has some really great tracks but it seemed like it was alot easier which dissapointed me, i found myself going onto expert after completing medium but the strangest thing is that easy as got harder :S. another disappointment was the special characters i mean the grimm reaper in 3D shades is great but i was expecting some cool 70's rock masters.

    overall this a great game and if u enjoyed the others you should get it, although this game doesnt quite cut it ill give it a nice 4 out of 5