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  1.  The best in the series


    This is by far the best Guitar hero in the series. My reason for this bold statement is as follows.... Improved aesthetics(standard stuff). The song list at first glance is a bit confusing as some choices don't seem so obvious. This is where you have to decide what is a 'good' song. Is a good song something catchy like "sex on fire" which is instrumentally poor thus reflecting how it plays on the game, compared to something like "scatterbrain" by Jeff Beck which is not that catchy but due to its technical instrumentals makes it A LOT more fun than something from the Kings of Leon. So basically, they have thought a lot more about what would PLAY well.There are easy songs for people getting in to the series, but there are some of the hardest songs in the series on disc as well. I play the drums and found that there were a lot more technical songs which world tour lacked aside from maybe 3 or 4 exceptions. Another thing for the drummers is the double bass expert+ difficulty. If you're into Guitar hero or Rockband Drums, you will appreciate this greatly. Also...no more fighting over who gets stuck with bass(no offense to bass players, but most people want to play guitar when playing the game). You can have any combo of instruments e.g 4 drums/ 4 guitars/2drums2bass etc etc. The game generally has lots of nice little features which i couldn't really do justice in writing, but the main improvements are.. looks better, plays better, can be made easy for newbies, can be made challenging for veterans. Comparing it to the Beatles Rockband is a bit silly because it's a game based on one band. If you like the Beatles...chances are you will like the game, but don't expect any challenging songs. ( I own both games just for the record so i am not just making assumptions).