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  1.  Amazingly adept movie


    If you think this is anything less than 4 star you have to be a bit dull in the head. Pay no attention to these people they know nothing of what they talk about.

    This movie is one of Eastwood's best. Maybe some of the acting isn't exactly top and if you don't appreciate the subtle indy style it can be help against it. Though this is thought provoking intriguing and well prepared. There are very good one liners, setups and little tid bits that put a smile on your face. Its an extremely clever and subtle movie.

    Don't expect Dirty Harry this is not what this movie is about. If you want your action fest go watch T3 with the other zombies.

    To me this movie was better than Changling and as such I gave it a 5 star. Up there with Unforgiven for me.

  2.  Awful


    Awful just awful. Has extremely bad animation and poor story line. Terrible plot holes and about as scary as Mr Bean. Total Zombie rip off with typical endings.

  3.  MMORPG


    Its an amazing game. Best played with lots of friends and a good communicty but it is incredibly time consuming.

    Interesting none the less.

  4.  Odd


    MMORPGS requires stupid amounts of time. tbh you should go out and live your life but.

    Treasures of Aht Urghan is aimed at higher lvl players as is the next expansion pack. The best bit about TOAU is Besieged and Assault where you defend the city against the beastmen horde attacking. Lots of lag tho and you can't see everyone but lots of fun. 700+ players versus massive NMs. Lots of Quests etc but this game requires other people to help you which is the major drawback. You can solo but unless you're the max 75 its almost impossible. Square really needs to look at this as a lot of people can't be bothered to help out and why should they it takes ages to do quests and they get nothing for it.

    Waste of money imho fun but massive time waster. I need to give it up seriously. I mean China runs rehab clinics for this.

  5.  Rad


    This game was so good it had me glued for ages with all the silly medical conditions in it!