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  1.  very nice tv


    very nice slick looking tv, xbox on 1080p looks fantastic, delivery was quick.
    its apparently a technika tv, theres a very faint mark where it looks like a logo was but has been removed, cant understand why, but its only noticeable if you're REALLY looking for it.

    sound quality is good too, sky remote worked with it right out of the box which was unusual, but conveniant :)

  2.  better than i thought it would be!


    Wasnt expecting much from this when my mum got it on dvd for me, but its alot better than i thought it would be, everyones taking this film far too seriously, if the matrix can get away with the whole dodging bullets and jumping accross buildings, why cant this film?
    I see this film as a sort of cross between kung fu hustle and the matrix, in that theyre a select bunch of people with superhuman powers (kung fu hustle) but theyre also extremely skilled with guns and lightningspeed reactions (matrix) there wasnt much i didnt like about this film except for what the bullets do on the train scene (without giving too much away) was a little too surreal for my own tastes, being a mythbusters fan i know they couldnt do that, especially several times :p no matter how hard u tried.

    *In a nutshell ^^ *
    Good action film to be enjoyed without taking it too seriously, if you can appreciated the impossibility of the stunts they do in the matrix, you should enjoy this.

  3.  good...


    i liked this film, saw it in the cinema day after it came out, as a previous guy said, if u take it too seriously ur not gonna like it, the acting is not the best u'll see on the big screen but ive seen worse, yes its cheesy in places and at the end megan does the whole blink and shes clean again thing, and its a shame that the main robot doesnt use his sword more often, but overall i think its a good action film u can enjoy watching with a mate.

  4.  very nice


    very nice phone been using it for a week now and just working out all the features :P theres loads :D (i dont read the user guide), headphones and speakers r good, loud and clear, the headphones have a little clip for ur shirt to stop the weight on ur ears, so the heads dont fall out or hurt, nice rubber cover on it too for a good fit :) also the headphones i beleive have a mic on them so it doubles up as a hands free kit. i think anyway? :P quite sure thats what it is anyway, no promises. get this phone! :P only get the cheaper one and put ur own sim in :P