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  1.  A bone to pick with you!


    After a pretty funny opening scene with some cadaver puppetry, the rest of the film tries a little to hard to shock, with lashings of medical grue, bonkathons, and meth pipes galore, often in the same scene! The special effects and sound design are first rate, & it's well made, but the finished result has few surprises. Still though, it's consistent & can be entertaining despite it's many flaws!

  2.  Holy smokes!


    Essentially a rip off of every religious horror that's gone before it, "The Unholy" is a pretty average film that looks laughable thanks to its ludicrious 80's music video/softcore lensing and a baddie(?) that looks like a space pimp from 'The Next Generation'. Aside from the occasional throat rip and nude scenes, it's only really in the last act that it earns it's stripes as a cult classic & a place on your dvd shelf. It seems they were saving the best for last, and what a pay off it is! The best SBIG movie I've seen along with Zombie Creeping Flesh and Troll 2.

  3.  Rabid bats, zombies...


    Ti West has a blast creating a solid throwback to the classic horror of the 70's and 80's. Just like "House of the Devil", it boasts a great score and another appearance from cult favourite Tom Noonan (Manhunter, Robocop 2, Heat). If tension and atmosphere are your bag then you'll a ball watching this. The extras include a short student film "Prey", an expert talking about bats, a gag reel and more. Great fun!

  4.  Well worth a taste...


    Yet another fine little B-movie from the maestro himself.

    While not as good as It's Alive or Q:The Winged Serpent, there are enough laughs, satire & gooey moments to make it worthwhile. Once again Moriarty carries the film, all whilst resembling a young Bernard Sumner doing a Jimmy Stewart impersonation!

  5.  One of the finest genre films ever made


    Without a doubt, the best horror film I've seen in a long time. Whilst most modern films in a similar vein would feel the need to constantly reference it's influences to the point of parody, House of the Devil wears them proudly on its sleeve but still manages to leave it's own imprint... and what an imprint it is! From the opening credits to the subdued ending , I was constantly on edge. Highly recommend!

  6. Cryptomnesia


    El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez (The Mars Volta) - CD

    1 New from  £7.59  Free delivery



    For anyone dissapointed with the Mars Voltas most recent album, this album comes highly recommended. Unlike previous "solo" efforts from Omar, this album also features Cedric's vocals. The result is the record Octahedron should have been after the beautiful Amphutecture.

    Very impressive!

  7.  Should've sat "Unborn" in the studio bin..


    Without a doubt, one of the weakest horror films in recent memory.
    Very little to recommend really, with one good scare in the space of an hour and a half, and some of the dullest dialogue you can possibly imagine. The most memorable moment comes from an embarrassed looking Gary Oldman blowing a giant horn to indicate the beginning of the leads final 'ordeal'! The joke's on me for bothering in the first place...

  8.  True colours


    As many will gather, this film isn't intended as a piece of violent entertainment, but rather shows the true horror of random acts of violence committed against a family, by people with no real motives. At the core of the film is a continuous shot of the aftermath of one such attack on the family. It is almost unbearable to watch but it really makes you question "how much is enough" - you can stomach the violence, but what happens if instead of following the perps onto the next scene of brutality, the camera stays behind to show you the aftermath. The closing scenes really put a nail in the coffin. If you want violence as entertainment, stick with "Taken" (a solid action film no doubt), but if you want to give your conscience a beating, check out Funny Games US.

  9.  Great price, great picture quality, but....


    Picture and sound are first rate and it's use is very straightforward. Problem is I've had difficulties loading some blu-ray discs with a lot of extras on them, and it really seems to have a hard time with some of my older dvds. I figure the technology is still new, so it's easily forgiven considering the quality at hand but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for a smoother player in the near future. Once again though, to stress it's pro's - The sound and picture are beautiful.

  10.  Wanted - my money back!


    Absolutely dreadful piece of cynical "film making". The only purpose it serves is for oiling up people with no attentions spans and lads with difficulties getting close to real life 'flesh women'. It's very stylishly made, but McAvoy is weak and Jolie just reheats her performances from the Tomb Raider flicks. Me and the missus (not inflatable or pixelated, at least I think she's real..) were so appalled we turned it off after about 40mins. Even the obligatory NIN song on the soundtrack is a non-starter... The most overated comic book adaption since 30 Days of Night!