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  1.  I like this game!


    I found this very interesting to play and to see what things iam good at and what im weakest at. I love the word game where you have to say the colour rather than the word and i make sure i do the training everyday/. Have always been rubbish at maths and i can see this helping me to improve! my brain age has gone down already and ive only had it a week.
    The suduko i am addicted to! i hadn't ever played before but once i did i couldn't put it down!
    Would recommend this game to anyone that likes testing themselves and who like maths or wants to improve their maths skills.

  2.  oh dear oh dear


    I borrowed this game off a friend and thank god i only borrowed it!
    would of been very disappointed if i had of spent of money on this!
    I love the tv show but this game was very boring. I won the biggest amount within about 10 mins and after that theres nothing to do- it just so tedious. Theres a 3 box trick game as well which is the most annoying thing ever and totally pointless.
    Good for the first 5 mins- luckily i could pass it back to my friend!
    Don't buy this game, it would be a big mistake!

  3.  A tad disappointed


    this game is good- i like the 3 lifelines you get and you can do fastest finger first which is good fun.
    It's a fun game to begin with- but i found the questions for £500, £1000 a bit too difficult and the only way i could move up the money ladder was when i got a repeated question!
    you also have to be careful when selecting your answer A, B, C, or D cause it sometimes knocks the one next to it and you end up selecting the wrong answer- but this can be avoided by using the buttons instead of the stylus.
    A fun game, you'll like it if your a fan of the tv show.

  4.  Excellent- hours of fun!


    my dad bought this game yesterday and i didnt like the look of it to begin with- but i had a go and now he's not getting it back! so addictive ive been playing it all day while he's been at work lol
    you can play against each too which is fun! would recommend its an excellent price for getting 42 games in one!

  5.  a film you'll want to watch again and again


    i love this film so much, i think the love it shows between molly and sam is amazing as well as the danger side which gives it a twist. It's very well cast, and its one i can curl up on the sofa and watch again and again. You really want to buy it, your missing out if you dont!
    i personally think its more of a ladies love film, however doesn't mean to say the lads wont like it!

  6.  Brilliant, a must have!


    ive been watching friends for years, and collected every single one on Video before they released DVD. I then bought this box set, and omg how amazing! it is a case well worth keeping for years to come, and every series has extras like bloopers and things which makes it even more worth having
    the only tiny downside is because the discs are double sided, they're not printed on, so you have to make double sure you the put the correct disc in the correct case otherwise they can become muddled very easily! but if your careful enough it shouldnt be a problem.
    Buy it! you wont regret it!

  7.  Keane live at the 02- absolutely amazing!


    Haven't seen the DVD itself yet- but i was there too right on the front row, and omg how fabulous it was. Ive seen them live a few times, and if your a big fan this DVD is a must have! they pull out the best performances everytime, and the atmosphere is just electric.