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  1.  Good game but desparately needs patching it up !!


    This is definately the `thinking man`s` war sim. Graphics are acceptable although quite glitchy as has been mentioned many times already. The single player missions are extremely hard ..even on normal setting but i`m quite happy to spend a bit of time learning to play the game properly using all the appropriate commands whilst waiting for a much needed patch. Online play it has to be said is god damn awful at this moment in time !! My first online game was an exciting experience and i shot several guys from distance without being killed but that was a week ago and i`ve only managed to get 2 other games since then that were full of glitches. i got booted from the rest for no apparent reason or could not connect to the server at all .. I am prepared to wait for the much promised patch before passing full judgement but fear Codemasters have to get their act together sharpish or it will be too late by the time they release one and everybody will have left to go and play COD !! Shame, because this has potential !!

  2.  Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You


    This is an excelllent album .. Upbeat, funny and sung (like the first album) in lilys unique style but, because of the length between first and second album sounds just as fresh as the first time you heard her .. .. A feel good album , i can`t stop listening to it .. Have a go yourselves and i`m sure you won`t be dissapointed !!

  3.  Fantastic ..


    Gameaholic sets his stall out perfectly with an earlier review as far as this game goes. It does everything it says on the box .. Excellent gameplay, excellent graphics .. very chilled but also challenging and will test your gameplay, especially when you play other people .. I`ve had some great competitions so far .. Good fun for me And the Mrs ..She loves it too :-) Makes a nice change from Tiger Woods which can get a bit repetitive in my book.

  4.  Kayne and Lynch: Dead men


    Mmmmm ..very mediocre game .. and yet it could have been so much better !!! Rubbishy graphics and the control system is all over the place, especially when trying to shoot enemies from a distance .. Like others have already said, the story jumps from one place to the next and half the time i didn`t have a clue what was going on .. and the ending ???? What was that all about ???? Open ended obviously to make way for a no. 2 but what with all the trouble Eidos and Sony have encountered for this (certain people apparently losing their jobs) etc ) i`m not sure they`ll bother .. ok in small doses but not enough to sustain any higher than a mediocre 2 stars ..

  5.  Justin rocks .. Amazing .. !!!


    I too was not a big Justin Timberlake fan but having just purchased a new 40" Sony Bravia i was looking for something special to show it off with .. and boy, does this do the job. Sound and picture are absolutely amazing (it`s so clear it`s just like being there) .. JT puts in a great show .. Songs are as good as if not better (some are extended or slightly remixed for this live extravaganza) than the originals (my favourites include collaborations with JT`s namesake Timbaland, and the venue is full of vibrant colour, beats and plenty of lazers .. Top notch .. I can`t stop watching i .. a great purchase for ANY music lover .. :-)