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9 (56% helpful)

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  1.  Not as good as I expected


    I bought this game hoping for a classic lego game but I was wrong. It is really good at first but the controls are extremely fiddly and it is same old, same old after the first few levels. However it still is fun if you like repetitive games.

    Finally the levels take far longer to complete than on the lego star wars games, which could be a pro or a con, but I think it's a con.

  2.  Fantastic !


    An absolute must for anyone with Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. It tells you where everything is in the game and it is extremely easy to understand. £8 for this gem is a bargain. The pokedex is amazing, it tells were every pokemon is in the Sinnoh Pokedex (1-150)

    Probably the best walkthrough book I've ever seen or had

  3.  Fantatsic !


    I got this game for christmas and i think it's great ! A lot of people have said you find yourself constantly loosing money, but if you sell your good players you will start to gain money. Also the fact that you can sign 3 players for nothing (of around a 60-75 rating) is good. I've eboue, matt derbyshire, brian mcbride, y. Safiri, e, mpenza (maybe) and maybe a few more for nothing. Also i like the fact that the games goes quickly is good because you won't get bored after a while.

    A definate must have if you want a fun, ongoing and tactical game this is the one for you !

  4.  A new generation of gaming ?


    Having got Mario kart ds and wii, i thought it was time I got a new MK game, so I chose this one. The graphics are good gamply is addictive. But there is 1 huge con. You can only do Grand Prix and Time trials 1 player, I bit of a problem if you're and only child or have only got one controller. So that's why it brings it down to 3 stars

  5.  A step up in gaming ?


    When i first got this game, i thought it was really good. But as i got further into the game i thought the days went to quick, and the way you have to hire people out everytime one of your rides breaks down is very annoying. It's good the first. But as you play on it for longer it gets boring. So i'll give it a 2/5

  6.  Very Addictive !!!!!


    I've just started playing on it again after years and it's still classic football. Yeah the graphics might be bad compared to todays revolution of consoles. But for a GBA game that isnt pokemon, it is one of the best. I haven't tried it out yet, but the link between the gamecube and GBA makes me want to buy it for gamecube game. Classic game, great entertainment. A must have if you want a good sport game for the GBA

  7.  Amazing !


    An absolute must have ! It may be a bit pricey for some but if you consider the amount of gameply and games you can get with it and accesories you'll realise it's a must have.

  8.  Ok


    I got this game the day I got the Wii, when I first played on it I thought the graphics were amazing, plenty of Colosseums to play in.
    But if you don't have a copy off Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl there's no point of getting this game because you're only limited to the amount of "battle passes" you can get. If you have Diamond or Pearl, Get it !
    But if you don't, don't get it

  9.  Same Old



    I got this game for my B-Day and I thought it was great but it can drag if you got far into the game

  10.  Amazing


    Diddy Kong Racing is amazing!

    Graphics are great, loads of characters to choose from and a long story mode.
    If you're a Mario Fan - definately buy it !
    If you've just got a DS - Get it

    I got it for Christmas and I thought it was amazing