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    This game is like a story book. You turn your ds round like a book, the game is a story that you take part in solving mysteries etc but be warned theres alot of talking in this game..it goes on..and on...and yep you guest it...ON!
    If you like long games and stories and if you like playing detective then this is for you.You certainley get your moneys worth of gameplay out of it.

  2.  this works well


    Got this for christmas, i wanted it cos i do kickboxing and wanted to improve my hand eye coordination, well slowly but surely itsworking and in turn will have a possitive effect on the things that i do.
    Its definatley worth the money, get ti if your looking to improve your concentration , reaction speed and hand eye coordination..but please note it does not improve vision problems like short and long sightedness..you need an optition for that lol.

  3.  Great game


    This game is really good , i prefer it to dr kawashimas game. If you like a challenge then this is the game for you.

  4.  THIS IS ACE!


    What can i say, excellent game , easy to controll, nice graphics, simple story line and challenging but fun gameplay.
    I havent found anything wrong with this game its perfect. Its the type of game that gets you coming back again and again.
    perfect for die hard fans of the mario brothers, buy it you wont regret it!!!

  5.  cooktastic


    I loved this game at first, i liked the whole idea of cooking, slicing, dicing etc.
    The things i found good were that there was alot to cook andyou could also combine meals together.
    What i found dissapointing was there was no puddings or sweets to cook just main meals and that sometimes peeling was almost impossible to finish before the time ran out due to the controls and stylus.
    I also completed far to soon and ended up thinking that cant be all to do.
    Generally a good all round game, but still room for improvement which will hopfully be rectified by number 2 coming out.
    I'd say save your money and wait for cooking mama number 2 to be released which i have a feeling will be much better.

  6.  frazzled brain


    I was looking foward to this game as my brain is so frazzled i thought it might improve it abit.
    The overall concept of the game is good, although once i played it afew times it really starts to get boring.
    Its ok if you want something to improve your brain but dont expect hours of play out of it as you can only spend alittle time doing it then theres nothing else to do.