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  1.  Awesome!!!!


    Love this game, its awesome. The gameplay and atmosphere are fantastic, the controls are fluid. My only problem with the game is the graphics aren't that great and don't stretch my pc at all, it sounds like its in idle mode most of the time. Hope they release a textures pack for pc as they did with Skyrim. Otherwise it would have been 5 stars

  2.  She's 39 and feeling fine


    Total Frickin Awesomeness!!!!! Boobies drooping but she's good enough for me



    Firstly I really love this game, bought it on day of release and am still playing it now. Graphics, gameplay everything are awesome. My only problem with it is the lag in the multiplayer, whoever is hosting has a massive advantage over the rest and then if you drop out of a game due to it being unplayable they take 1500 points off you. Come on!!!! Overall great game tainted by the laggy multiplayer. Hopefully this gets addressed for GOW 3.

  4.  Avoid


    This review is based on the demo, downloaded it today. First impression was the graphics weren't the best i've seen, secondly what is going on with the handling of the cars?? It should be called NFS Toyko Drift. Glad I played the demo first this really sucks, was looking forward to playing it aswell. Dirt 2 is superior in every aspect.

  5.  This game Rocks


    I'm new to the metroid series but this game rocks. Everything is here, graphics, responsive controls & atmospheric sound. In my opinion the best game on the wii so far, I bought Red Steel which i thought suffered a little with the wii controls but for this game all the problems have been ironed out. This game shows what the wii can do for the fps genre, I hope that future fps games can utilise the wii controls further and create an even greater gaming experience.