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  1.  Please Read !


    Ok. I bought this game with fairly high hopes, i knew any fighting game is bound to be full of button bashing but this game is insane.....

    in a bad way.

    You can be dominating an opponent with high kicks, straight punching, attempting armbars which is all good, until they K.O you with a 1 hit wonder or submit you with some magical reversal.

    There is no life bar so you really cannot explain why one punch K.O's you when your strong punches and kicks seem to inflict no damage unless you land them several times in a row.

    This is best avoided just like UFC Throwdown on the Gamecube. They tried, they failed, just forget about the UFC series.

  2.  Very Enjoyable gaming experience


    I'll try to be short & sweet. Resistance 1 was a decent game, it was the Halo killer i hoped for and i enjoyed it but towards the end, i admit, i did lose interest.

    Resistance 2 however, comes back with all that and more. The storyline is good, the single player is nothing short of Epic with a capital E. The graphics are outstanding and the sound, AI and all those little extras are great. Can't fault them.

    The enemies will move, duck, team up and do anything to beat you, so you have to use your FPS experience (even on easy mode) to kill all those enemies and make sure you come out victorious.

    Online mode. This game EXCELS in online mode. Whilst having 60 players with no lag, the game offers a variety of large maps and various options with team deathmatches etc. You can make a clan, go around in your party.

    I could go on..

    Bottom line. Try this game, hopefully you'll enjoy it.

  3.  wow! just wow...!


    Well i was very impressed when i recieved this in the post. The figure is huge! The detail is great, and for a ff7 fanboy like myself, i couldn't resist when i saw this for just £5.00 delivered from play.com. I wont be taking it out of the box, as i keep all my ffvii figures boxed on display (and i wonder why i dont have a girlfriend). Anyway, thanks play.com, im pleased with the item and service as usual. Keep it up.

  4.  so slow!!!


    If you like the old C&C games then chances are, you liked the fast paced battles and you got to know the units well and since both sides e.g Nod vs GDI had fairly equal units for fair prices per unit and battles could still be fast paced and last a while.

    Sadly, Red Alert 3 does away with equal units meaning you can build a rocket plane (forget the actual name of it) and you can just destroy the Ore collector and boom. Game over.

    This brings me to my next point. The Ore in the game is worth next to NOTHING! Meaning you will have no money for most of the game, which is a pain because you need money to build your base and offence and defence.

    The Ore collectors themselves have such a short bar of life, a couple of rocket areoplanes will take them down in just 2-3 seconds.

    The whole game is unbalanced and it really does scream for Westwood to return and sort out this horrible mess that EA have created.

    The game is just so slow paced. How anyone finds it fun to build 1 unit every 30-60 secs is beyond me.

    EA have really ruined the franchise in my opinion. And it's sad because C&C has so much potential full 3D.

  5.  hmm


    If you like a night in with some munchies and you feel like watching a film, this isn't a bad one to choose, but at the same time, it's not a great one either.

    The story is so straight-forward that it struggles to keep your attention. I found the runtime was just right, because any longer, i may have found it difficult to focus my attention.

    The acting is good, the characters are believable, it's just the script and plot in general could have been improved.

    I wont ruin it, but i will say there are better movies than this that share a similar theme, ''8mm'' being one. However, at a great price of £2.99 delivered, you cannot complain.

    Rated 3 stars because of value and it wasn't a bad film, it's just not anything too special.

    Thanks play!

  6.  Avoid at ALL costs


    I'm so tempted to send this thing back to Play.com. Reason? It's nigh-on impossible to top this thing up. The official website makes you go through a lengthy registration providing your PUK code etc and when you go to top up, it doesn't allow your credit/debit card.

    It's a joke! You think they'd make it simple to top up because they would be making money from you, but no, it's extremely difficult. The only other way is to go into a store and ask for a till reciept for this sim card but having tried that, they refuse because they do not know about Lebara.

    So i'm sitting here with a sim card that promises great value calls that i cannot use. Extremely disappointing. Avoid at all costs.

  7.  great!


    I've got a holiday fairly soon and bought these to wear on the beach. They fit great and feel like the kind of quality i've come to expect from ben sherman clothing.

    Highly recommended for anyone looking for a quality pair of shorts and something to look good in when you're on a beach in the uk or abroad !

  8.  good quality!


    I was impressed by the look of this shirt, i think it seems fit for a night out and since i deserve one, i bought the shirt.

    I was impressed with the quality of the material. It feels better than your average shirt you buy from other brands, but it should do, it's more expensive. However, it's worth every penny.

    Ben Sherman is printed on the buttons, on the chest pocket and on the bottom left of the shirt.

    Would recommend. Thanks Play!

  9.  very impressive piece of kit


    I have had the pleasure of using this great piece of kit and i was very impressed. Here are my findings:

    Good points:

    small, compact GPS reciever, screws into the top of your PSP, (fat or slim psp)

    Maps on UMD.

    All the features you'd find on other GPS systems e.g waypoints, find destinations, create journeys etc. absolutely excellent.

    Bad Points:

    takes about 10-20 secs to lock onto satellite and now and again will drop signal if you're in a wooded area, however it does find the signal again within 10 secs i found, so its not too much trouble

    pricing. you can get the GPS alone for £30 in places, so the rest of your money is going towards the software. Whilst i do believe it's worth every penny, it's still pricey.

    overall - great GPS system, you will not be disappointed.

  10. L.A.X.


    The Game - CD

    11 New from  £5.53  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.99

     great album..


    i've heard alot of the tracks online (samples) and plan to buy the album because it sounds great.

    The Game proved to me he was real on the Beef IV dvd and i've had respect for him 'keeping it real' since i saw the dvd. I will buy this album because Game promises to deliver a great album, and i believe he will.