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  1.  Awesome


    This is definitely a good webcam.

    The webcam base folds out so it sits nicely on the top of your TFT monitor or have it just sit on your desk, picture is great and detail is excellent.

    If you want a good webcam, not too pricey but that will do you for any kind of online chat, this is the cam for you!

    Good quality, robust and adjustable
    Adjustable focus
    Face focus (If you turn this mode on, the camera zooms in on your face. I don't use it personally but you decide if it's good or not.)
    Spec effects. (You can have a ladybird crawling all over the lens or my personal favorite, lightning rippling around everywhere so you look like Zeus!)

    Button on top for calls. - For me this is just pointless as you have to reach over to it. What would you rather do, use your mouse to click send webcam or take your hand off the mouse and push the button which then brings up a menu which you select who you want to webcam with? I'm sure this is good for some people but for me it's just annoying when i'm setting it up and accidentally press it. Again, you decide.

    Anyway folks, good product and I absolutely reccomend. 9.8/10

  2.  Multiplayer Action - Absolutely Unbeatable


    Warcraft 3 - predessecor to the great wow!

    I'd like to make a few points first.

    1. You will need to buy the expansion "the frozen throne" to play this game to it's true content. Another £8 but worth it like hell!

    2. After you do get bored of the single player, hope online. The game's content divides out like this.

    Map creator: 2.99%
    Single player mode: 0.01%
    Battle.net multiplayer custom maps: 97%

    Great games like battle tanks and dota are avaliable on here.

    Now to convince you.
    If you like strategy, this is your life in a box!
    Warcraft 3 has excellent graphics for it's age and having the battle.net multiplayer feature makes the game more versatile than any game you have ever played. The game revolves around custom maps which are made by anyone but more frequently, coorporations who produce these maps!

    Please buy now, i will cry if you don't!

    In-game username: Brit_tank

  3.  A Dissapointment.


    Bought this product today due to the two reviews but unfortuantely it fails in my opinion.The quality of the sound doesn't compare to normal sized over-head headsets unfortunately.

    Although this isn't a problem in the slightest... BECAUSE I CAN'T FIT THE BLOODY THING IN MY EAR! It's like fitting a boulder into a mouse-hole T_T

    So after you've finally fitted it in to your ear, (and pray that it stays there) the product really is actually not bad. The sound quality is very good for the price! I haven't got any feedback from my fellow gamers yet but I tried it to myself and it isn't bad at all =D

    I would more recommend this for buisnesses than gamers as you really want to have a decent sound ambience to get in your FPS zone, for gamers please go buy one of those chunky monkey £50 ones or some kind of over-head headset, you will find it gives you a much better experience.

    Good sound quality for price.
    Small, so you can get drunk and do your stuff at the same time!
    Cable is nice and long. (Almost too long...)

    POOR sound quality (In ear headphones always are.)
    Flimsy, easily breakable.
    Ear piece gets on your nerves.
    Ear grip gets on your nerves.

    Other points of note:
    There is a volume adjuster on/off button included, which you have to clip on somewhere oon your shirt.
    It's a couple cm longer than your mouse.

  4.  It's what you expect.


    This album is what you can expect from the charts.

    As NOW has done over the years, it compiles all the latest seasonal chart hits in order of popularity. You can have all the songs from the charts in one easy package...

    ...although as Mr. top 100 reviewer has reviewed, chart music is not really most peoples cup of tea and are just money making merchandise.

    Charts are indeed not my cup of tea, (I prefer metal, nu-metal, rock.) but for what the compilation does it is very effective at delivering what you want... and especially if you like to host parties, it's a good crowd pleaser, depending on the party genre of course...

    To sum it up, a good collectable but sounds poorer.

  5.  Spot the 4-star review!


    Nope, I can't find one either!

    If i'm not mistaken, every single review has been a 5-star!

    I'd basically like to say this band as you can obviously see is absolutely incredible! No one has a reason not to buy it!

    And if you're still not convinced, take a gander at the official alter bridge website, they have snippits of their songs to wet your appetite.

    Happy Rocking! =]

  6.  Pretty Damn Cool! ^^


    This album trully rocks my socks off here!

    Their music is really good if you need to chill out. Pretty awesome with a mug of hot chocolate, a great way to unwind. In this way it's sort of hippie-esqe.

    The only downside I would say is that about 4 of the tracks are just boring. Maybe thrown in for decoration? Doesn't matter anyway, still an awesome album =]

    Favourite song: Gone in the Morning

    If you get stressed sometimes and need some happy tunes to unwind yourself, this is the album for you!

    A worthwhile buy overall!! ^^