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  1.  Family Boredem a thing of the past with this great game


    This game is excellent for all thoose Family bored days.. Christmas is coming and for once it with gather your old folks and uncle round your Xbox.! You may think the same questions come up but The xbox 360 actually rembers what questions have been asked and delays the amount of games they are asked again. Today i bought this and as soon as i got back from work i threw it in and had a bash. The Buzzers are so funky (although infrared meaning you cant put it behind your head to shield your answer) are great light fun and vibrent coulours. A different direction for the xbox franchise But has paid Off greatly.. a Must buy!

  2.  Game Of the year.. Hands down!


    Firstly i'd like to start by saying i have played many games on all formats owning; a Ps3, Nintendo Wii And of course Xbox 360. And this game is by far the best i have ever played.

    So on to the review first of all I wana say this game is the best online game out there. For online id give it 5/5. The reason for this is i have many close friends who have 360s and we all play this online, and although there are no "real" achivements, there are challenges which are very addictive and help you level up quicker, also there are many sooo people online... watch for The Losers!! so online 5/5! Secondly I think the single player is pretty good, with good graphics and fairly good Com. But I think single player is let down by the fact that 1st It is way to short as you get into it and just wanna play more... although still worth loads of play throughs to do what you missed before and 2: The enemy have unlimited men so if Youre playing on veteran you cant pick them of from cover you just have to run and kill them all. Sometimes I find myself doing this over 20 times just because I cant pick them of from cover and i have to run into there bullets to actualy progress to the next mission. Due to this id give single player 4/5. But overall i still rate this game as a 5 star game and a must buy for xbox 360 .. best game of 2007 by far.. and maybe 08 .. just have to wait for gta vi ;)

  3.  Excellent Game Must Buy!


    After Having the first Ghost Recon and not liking it So much, i was hesitent on buying the second version, but loooking at ratings and watching trailers i thought i'd have a go with the second, and what a game it is!

    Since ive bought it i can't it down the graphics are Amazing, the gameplay is Top qualitly, and computer movements Are so life-like. When i completled the game I was thourlly diaspointed it finshed but i since i liked it so much i thought id have another play through , and yet it all seeems so new with all the different paths it never looks the same!

    The online modes are also a excellent challange for the best of players and has a secondary online campaingn to play with Friends ! a must buy and cheap compared to stores and the Ps3 version!