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  1.  Just more mundane movie merchandise


    With Batman Begins being overshadowed by the majority whom consider The Dark Knight to be superior, Purchasing this figure is not advisable, Made of standard plastic this low quality toy won't be impressing children for very long. With a tired gimmick that has been used by every other action figure on the market, it's control stick feature is just a black add-on that limits play with the actual Batman Figure.
    At just over 14GBP, there really isn't any need to buy this figure. It'll be a waste of money.

  2.  It's Batman's mugshot


    Ignore the bad pun there.
    Seriously though. It's Batman, what else need be said. It's an awesome little mug and worth every penny. very high quality. go on. treat yourself

  3.  Air today, Gone tomorrow.


    Enjoy how witty my title was for a second.
    There. Now then. The Airzooka is a clever gadget that, if nothing else, gets people messing around without using chemicals and dangerous things that will have your eye out. It's completely safe.
    However, it's loud and small children won't like it, and the noise will scare and upset pets and babies.
    As the title suggests. The Airzooka is just the next passing fad.

  4.  Yet another Steve Austin toy


    Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    He is only one man. So why are the a thousand action figures of him ?
    The build quality is standard stuff and will take a knock or two with little to no damage. However it's slightly overpriced and previous models that are identical are also cheaper.

  5.  Routine gift.


    I'm given this annual every Christmas. I don't know why, The records are no longer about true skills of strange human appearances such as great heights or huge weights. Instead the Annual Guiness world records are filled with some of the following records: bathing in baked beans, smashing watermelons on the head, eating maggots. Etc....
    It seems like the book covered the truly great feats about 5 years back and has since been covering old ground.
    Either way, for me and probably many others, It is tradition to receive this book every year, no use breaking tradition.

  6.  Missing the point.


    After reading reviews claiming Heath Ledger is better and Christian Bale is much better in the Dark Knight, One has to wonder how that is relevant. Answer, It's not. Batman & Robin is a bad film is looked at from a serious perspective. But with Mr.Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bat-Nipples, a Bat-Credit Card, and the multiple butt shots it is quite clear that Batman & Robin is a comedy film spoofing the serious nature of the Batman Franchise.

    After the dark nature of the first two Batman Movies starring Michael Keaton, WB wanted to open the franchise up to a much larger audience, Specifically Children. As with Batman Forever, Batman & Robin aims to please children more than adults, knowing that most adults will be less likely to purchase the comics and other merchandise, this film was aimed at children, to start selling more merchandise, And it worked. Though panned by the critics it was a smash hit at the box office.
    Filled with terrible cheesy lines, hilarious acting, and a frozen urinating bulldog, Batman & Robin is a wonderful comedy that Children of all ages will enjoy watching.

    Don't watch this film expecting it to be the Dark Knight, You can watch the Dark Knight for that. If you liked 60's Adam West Batman and just want to relax with a classic comedy, Batman and Robin is the film for you.

  7.  Call of the Horror Fan


    One of the base novels for the Cthulu mythos, The Dunwich horror is as fascinating as it is chilling. Written By Lovecraft in his trademark way that makes every world feel dingy, dark, and foul, yet at the same time, elegant and poetic. Ahead of it's time The Dunwich Horror is a book suited to many readers and gives a clear opening to get further into the world of H.P. Lovecraft.

  8.  A lovely book


    No witty title needed.
    An Animated Life is everything you'd want to know about one of the most innovative men in movies Ray Harryhausen.
    With a beautiful front cover from the classic film. Clash Of The Titans, that really speaks about what effect Harryhausen had on the world of cinema. Looking back over the years at some of the greatest films ever made, including: Mighty Joe Young, King Kong, Clash Of The Titans, Jason And The Argonauts. This book is packed from start to finish. Worth every penny.

  9.  The every-man guide to movies.


    To complain about this book is to complain about the lack of entries in the dictionary.
    Packed full of over 10,000 film entries each one with enough detail to satisfy most readers, the Movie Guide 2010 is the must have for any film fan.

  10.  Almost gets 5 stars.


    The Empire film guide provides readers with a detailed list of all their favourite movies, or at least most of them.
    With just over 3,000 film entries in this book, all of which are filled with detail, you'll be getting your money's worth, and it's lucky Play.com don't charge for delivery as the Empire Film Guide weighs just shy of a tonne. Yes it's a big beast of a book, which makes it a lot more difficult to carry around with you, and if you are like me, having the ability to read film reviews during your spare time is one reason to buy a film review guide.
    The book cuts out some films that should really have been put in. Such as many of the Ed Wood movies. But it's understandable why when you consider that 3,000 reviews makes it exceptionally large.

    All in all it's a great book that is a bit bulky but definitely worth buying. filled with lots of film trivia and Top Ten lists.