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  1.  Can't believe spike lee directed this


    Having seen brilliant films like inside man and 25th hour, I can't believe spike lee could make a movie this bad. From the start it felt low budget, I turned it off after 20 minutes.

  2.  Off the hook!


    This film is great, I wasn't expecting it to be good but I was blown away.

  3.  Oh my lord!


    This game is rubbish!, I turned it off after playing it for five minutes. The graphics are ten years out of date, it's more ps2 than ps3, save your money on this one.

  4.  Good but could be better


    The nanosuit has been developed well. I feel it should be harder to damage and be able to jump three times higher and further than it can, this would give a true unstoppable super soldier feeling. The graphics aren't as good as I was expecting them to be.

  5.  Dissapointed with the multiplayer


    The single player campaign is good but I felt dissapointed with the multiplayer.

  6.  A Classic


    This is one my favourite childhood films, its a real uplifting family film which would captivate kids and adults alike. A good example of eighties american fantasy films, 10/10.

  7.  unforgetable


    what can I say, this film is great, I couldn't recommend a more heart warming film you could watch again and again.

  8.  boring


    this game left me wanting more, its alot like assasins creed. The combat system is very basic and the camera angles are tiresome. Give this one a miss, I wish I did.

  9.  Great actors, poor film


    This film has big potential but the outcome is terrible, Den Niro and Pacino should of got together on a great movie, they must of not read the script before filming started........Gutted.

  10.  awsome


    Im not sure which film the others reviews have been watching because i thought it was really good, i am a big action lover and theis ticked all the boxes, good storyline, vin deisel has been in some bad films like chronicles of riddick and xxx, but he fits this role perfectly with just the right attittude and ability. Good fight scenes and the acting really brings the storyline across to the viewer, overall 10/10