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  1.  Just awful


    I can not believe BSG was ended early to make this, I was trully gutted. Yes it had the style and a potential for great stories but it just didnt deliver and got very dull very fast

  2.  Awesome I ll have some more thank you !!!


    I liked Star Trek mostly the original films and most of the series that followed but I knew after the disaster of Nemesis something drastic had to be done, I didnt realise that a reboot could be as good as this, even non trekky friends of mine who went with me to see it wont admit they really really liked it which they did because I would give them weeks of "I told you so"

    What worried me was Die Hard Trekkies launching a hate campaign against this film cause of the changes made, but thankfully they have seen the light. I would recommend anyone give this film a go and ignore the title of the film because it is epic and now that a sequel is in the works Im lookin forward to 2011 now.

  3.  Great game after hours of errors and headaches


    First of all if you liked dawn of war then dont expect this 1 to be exactly the same. It plays the same however their are quite a few differences but personally I like it.

    One note you will have to update just about eveything to make this game work properly, graphics, sound, operating system, and my computer is only a few months old.

    When the Steam install window came up I instantly had bad memories of this system in the past but so far its not too bad and xbox live works without a glitch which has surprised me.

    Note to anyone who has a sound problem with the intro movie, adjust your sound card setting up from 16 bit to 24 bit otherwise some sounds will be muted.

  4.  Good action, shame about the plot


    First of all I liked Casion Royale and I do like the way they have taken the character of James Bond a different way and apparently truer to the books, I have no problem with that.

    However I felt the plot in this one was so badly put together with a baddie that was very poor, it had some outstanding action in it but it feels all put to waste if you have no plot to keep your gripped.

    Unfortunately after this film I woulnt mind seeing the old formula back, or at least sack the scriptwriters, keep the character the way he is keep up the action and you ll be onto a winner.

  5.  Quite Disappointing


    Saw this at the cinema and was really annoyed the direction they took this film. The only positive thing about this film was the revamped imagining of the 60's designs ie the thunderbird craft but thats it really. This film focused far too much on Alan and pals and virtually ignored the rest of the Tracey family, as a big fan of the classic Thunderbirds I was gutted. This shouldnt have been called Thunderbirds more like 3 brats running around a jungle



    Awesome there is no other way to describe this game. Being a Die Hard fan of the first I was a little nervous this game would not live up to its name, but it has in spades.

    The campaign is longer and better in many ways, although may I point it if your an experienced gears player, if you want to appreciate the excellent experience even more play it on hardcore, you will appreciate it that bit more.

    On multiplayer I did notice a couple of lag issues when I first started playing, but they are becoming more rare by the day. Apart from this small niggle which has nearly disappeared altogether now, the multiplayer mode is even better which is saying something.

    Overall gears 1 is up there on my best games ever made shelf and I thought there was no way they could make the sequel any better, but they have I just hope they keep up the good work for the next one fingers crossed.

  7.  Just awful enough said


    Was warned by friend how dreadful this film was but I couldnt imagine it would be this bad. Yeah its got loads of women running round in bikinnis big deal, I gave up after 12 minutes I turned it off in disgust. Perfect film for the sad spotty student though

  8.  Good game but a few niggles


    Any fan of games like Gears of War will probably want to give this a go, the game is good with a good plot, some interesting ideas and a bit of humour now and then. However if you do play this, to avoid ripping your hair out get a mate to play co-op with you as your partners AI can be very infuriating

  9.  A Modern Masterpiece A++++


    Having heard all the hype and fuss about this game I finally gave in and got myself a copy. I honestly wished I had bought it earlier it is a breath taking game bursting with action, detail, realism you name it, its as if they spent years making it, the missions are varied and vast I havnt even started playing multiplayer yet but by the sound of things the best it still yet to come, highly recommended.

  10.  What is Kane and Lynch???


    I would say the best way to describe Kane & Lynch is a cross between Grand Theft Auto IV & Gears of War the way it looks and plays not the story, well a bit like grand theft auto. One of the main complaints directed at this game is the graphics, but I think considering they are very good, like grand theft auto the graphics close up arent the best but thats on purpose because alot of the action revolves around large open scenes and lots of other characters hence more power required and the frame rate is very good as a result. I would give this game 4.5 as it is good but it just lacks a certain sparkle in places.