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  1.  Not much different to Carbon


    it is quite a good game had it for quater of an hour and 10% completed but overall a good game but the same as carbon but with newer cars

  2.  Well where do I start...


    This film is amazing...

    firstly the director of this film is a genius. it would not have worked with a bad one. the scene in waterloo station could have gone wrong in so many different ways but yet it was so amazing.

    also the all star cast was great and they really fitted the part especially matt damon.

    plus some of the things he pulls of are sneaky and amazing.

    not only am i giving it a 5 for it's directing, the all star cast and the sneaky things he manages to pull of but it is the amazing car chase which is really realistic in the way the car is damadged etc.

  3.  Not as good as IDENTITY


    I would say this was an adequete film but there is something better about identity.

    The only reason I have given this 4 star not 3 is because the car chase is much better in this than in identity. plus there are also some very clever things that bourne pulls off that are really cool.



    This is an amazing film with many twists and turns and has amazing action and lots of voilence.

    Matt Damon is a great actor and is fitted perfectly for this role and also the other cast are good for there parts too.

    The directing needed to be good to make this film work and by golly it did.

    Overall i would say this film is 5 stars because not only are the actora great, the directing is superb is that it has an mazing car chase!

  5.  A great film with a great storyline


    A great film for everyone with lots of variety, meaning at some points the film is very moving and at other there epic action with battles and surprising turns at every corner. at many points you are heald in suspense.

    Therefore I give this film 5 stars beacuse it is also very well directed and russel crow is a great actor.

  6.  One of my favourite films ever


    It is one of denfinetley my favourites just because it has so many twists and turns and amazing tricks that makes this a wonderful film.

    Firstly there are so many suprises litterally until the last few seconds of the film.

    Also everything that happens makes scence at the very end. Somethings you do not even notice but are actually a key point to the story.

    Therefore I give this film 5 stars because it is just a truly amazing film and at only £3 that is a bargain not wort missing.

  7.  WHAT A FILM!


    great film with amazing turns and a fantastic storyline. a must sse and very exciting. one of my favourites!



    One of the best films i have ever seen. great voices and sometimes really funny. 5*. a must see for all ages.



    amazing gadgets and amazing things which are just jaw-dropping. what a book. anthony horowitz writes amazing books and is a truly amazing writer. a must have!



    what a book amazing. gripping, scary and white knuckle ride... in a book! amazing and anthony horowitz is a legend!