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  1.  best online multiplayer on ps3


    i have warhawk and what a brilliant online game for the ps3 i didnt actually know whether this was going to match up to it, i knew it would be good but the online gameplay is fantastic, so many vehicles and different types of weapons etc. this game is great, as everyone i have only played the demo yet, but online can only get better as i'm sure there will be more maps, upgrades and game types when playing online, plus the single player is great too with a nice touch of comedy in there too, a definite buy for ps3 owners

  2.  can words really express this game?


    the answer is simply no, everyone knew from the beginning how great this game was gonna b and there is definitely no doubt it has lived up to its hype, it is better than expected, evrery aspect of the game is great and the graphics, wow, xbox360 this game is gonna b the end of u :D R.I.P. xbox

  3.  lived up 2 the hype


    definitely lived up 2 all the hype brilliant game, the best on ps3 atm by far, great characters and great scenes especially little jacob what a quality character, the cars are great and the extras added 2 the game such as smashing a locked car window and hotwiring it to drive it and flying through thr front window if driving too fast and crashing into a wall or something, absolute brilliance the detail within the game, nothing will be better than this game that includes the upcoming MGS4 and others such as GT4 obviously they will be brilliant, but they just wont compare to GTA4

  4. NBA 2K7

    NBA 2K7


    1 New from  £15.59  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.99

     worth £17.99


    the game is not great but it is quite good and recommended for nba fans, for £17.99 great price

  5.  awful


    complete waste of money the game lacks any sort of story line, very repetitive and the new moves etc. become very repetitive and it becomes the same thing over and over again after a very short time period

  6.  2 easy


    way 2 easy to complete the game and once completed the single player is pointless and there's no point in playing it, the online multiplayer is good and that is what the 3 stars are for the single player lets it down, this game only really works with multiplayer

  7.  no better game online


    title says it all not a single game better than this online on the ps3, when games like battlefield come around this won't be as good but at the moment this is definitely the best online multiplayer game around

  8.  almost perfect


    quality controller much better than the original ps2 controller, much lighter especially compared 2 the xbox 360 controller, the thing that makes is not quite perfect is that the vibration is no longer there but the sixaxis is great for games that involve it good use of technology, ps3 staying ahead of xbox as always :D

  9.  sikkk game


    the game is sikkkk quality all rounder for those hu luv shooting games, this can be great for rushing and using tactics brilliant game definitely recommend 2 gun game fans