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  1.  Not bad, but not exactly spectacular either...


    Not quite what I was expecting after thoroughly enjoying its ps2 and gamecube predeccesors.

    True to the series, players will enjoy hack and slash gameplay across many familiar landscapes, but the combat in itself is more restricted and far more linear than in previous titles, with very limited movesets restricting the player and hindering gameplay.

    As always, the story is narrated with cutscenes from the movie trilogy, and the dark campaign mode makes a return where players can fight as Sauron's forces as opposed to the fellowship.

    Sadly for RPG fans theres no character leveling (as in ps2 titles) or items and upgrades (from the gamecube title) so after playing those, this just doesn't feel right. Even the graphics are sub-par in comparison to todays ps3 releases.

    If you loved the series then this is a welcome addition to your games shelf, but any hardcore fan will compare this game to previous titles and find it comes up short.

  2.  Fans won't mind it ;)


    As a fan of the series, I couldn't wait for my copy to arrive, and I think it was worth the wait. So whats new in the latest installment?

    The cutscenes have obviously been revamped for the ps3, and offer slightly more insight to the characters involved and the battle you're currently playing. Some officers have also been redesigned, and look better than ever, IMO.

    Attacks are more consistent, just keep swinging! Very little hang time after executing the last move in your arsenal as opposed to previous versions. Also, increase your attack damage, combo amount and distance by building the new Renbu guage by chaining successful hits on enemies.

    The character development system has had a facelift, and is basically the same as the sphere grid from Final Fantasy X. Weapons now have abilities, such as blocking arrows whilst fighting. Players can obtain new mounts from enemy officers on the battlefield, and level them up to increase stats.

    Base takeovers are the same as in gundam warriors, where the base strength is shown by a number, and players must knock it to zero before successfully capturing the base.

    New musou specials include True Speed: which will increase a players speed allowing powerful dash attacks, Swift Attack: which will increase your renbu rank to infinite, allowing more damage and range, Volley: which launches a volley of arrows at surrounding enemies, Fire: which starts a fire around the player, and even sets bases on fire, and finally Rockfall: which will drop rocks on surrounding enemies.

    Other features include, being able to swim (although this prevents players from attacking while in water), being able to climb ladders, which will often result in defending soldiers dropping rocks on your head, which can be blocked. ;) Banner carriers raise morale of nearby officers and troops.

    Officers also have spirit levels which have stronger effect than morale, and can often decide the outcome of the battle. Siege battles make a return, as engineers require protection while they setup their catapults and weapons of war to wreak havoc on helpless defenders. Also new are encircled battles, where a player runs off to far ahead into an enemy crowd, the troops will circle around him and an enemy officer will enter the circle much like a playground fight. Although players should be wary, as too many troops onscreen at once tends to cause graphic slowdown.

    Weapon deadlocks now have a gauge in the middle of the screen to show progress. Basically the list goes on, and I don't have time to list any further features, but theres plenty to keep diehard fans occupied, as well as entertain new players too.

  3.  Bah...


    As a fan of the series this latest installment was very disappointing. The graphics are poor and very bitty, even if they're supposed to be, why? Its a ps3 not a wii or psp...

    As its already been stated, no career mode. Which really lets the game down imo, since it was one of the most enjoyable features in the original. This game could have been so much more.

  4.  Hmm...


    Its a great idea for a game, the same sort of idea as the movies fight club and the condemned, but the gameplay is fairly tedious and gets boring after you've played each mode a few times.

  5.  Excellence


    As a fan of the dynasty warriors series, this game seemed right up my street. Its more RPG based than the DW franchise, and reminds me of the Lord Of The Rings series with its character development etc, but this is more versatile in the sense that you can follow your own path instead of being forced to play linear.

  6.  Hmm...


    Having played all the previous games I was a little disappointed to find this one doesn't really follow along the same storyline(s) and as already stated, the graphics arn't really on par with todays titles.
    However, the style of play is basically the same, but has more of a lylat wars feel to it, which can't be a bad thing. There appears to be more enemies around at one time, and all the standard character/weapon leveling & upgrading is present, so as a fan of the series, why the hell not.