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  1.  Great Game


    I would have give this 5 based on just the demo but since buying the game I have spent 7 hours trying to install it off the disks due the rubbish Steam program which you have to install to install game- I love the total war series but sega have made amess of it all now and i wont buy annother sega game again if it uses steam..im off to try to get it to install for the 50th time as now it says steam servers are to busy to let me install game of the disks i have in front of me - crazy move sega.

  2.  EA has lost the ring.


    I wanted to love it, because I love LOTR but yet again theres no sign of someone doing a old school aka Double Dragon/ Golden Axe co op lotr game where you fight with friends side by side through all the films pulling off finishing moves, being able to duck, weave and dodge pulling off counter moves etc...no instead EA brings out this brainless button masher. Its worse than Dynasty Warriors and a Massive let down. EA should give license to someone that cares about the LOTR universe - I wish Bioware had it.

  3.  Not Football Manager 2009


    I have bought every fifa manager game up to this point- but will never buy one again - I have emailed EA about the bugs in this game making it unplayable like your staff changing positions or dissapearing altogether and my team being called Chelsea when I am Newcastle and they are just ignoring my emails - this game is unplayable buy football manager 2009 by sega of play instead - beleive me when i say this - as i usually buy both - this a unplayable mess and they rushed it out to get sales before sega released theres - never again will i buy a fifa one -

  4.  Good Game


    At last. Reasonably priced games for PS3. Thankyou play.com. After going to high street stores and seeing them try to charge me £40 + for a game I have not bought one single game since I got my Ps3.I have watched loads of movies on it and played the two I got with it to death but now I will be buying this game. Great demo and nice gameplay/graphics and all at a very good price. The £32.99 has decided me on def buying it. Note to games publishers - if you set your prices realistic like this we can then afford to BUY your games. But again - a thanks to play.com for AGAIN leading the way in making gaming affordable to us all and not just the rich.

  5.  Battlefantastic


    At last! You join a squad, your a medic, you heal your team mates - revive your squads sniper then take out someone sneaking up behind him. This is just a glimpse of the gameplay that keeps up a tense atmosphere the whole time you play while also rewarding you for playing well as a squad. You can drive tanks,buggys,water speed bikes,boats,quad bikes and fly planes and helicopters. Apart from graphics you have to see to believe I have to mention the sound too. Sick of hearing gunfire that sounds like a damp firework going off? Well the sound on this and effects for gunfire is awsome. It really shows up graw 2 and ubis efforts. I cant recomend this enough. After years on Operation Flashpoint I now have found a true sucessor. Buy it. Buy it now. Just in case your worried how many servers are on.......last night there was 2432 running.....every one I have joined I have been welcomed by BF2 community and clans too - fantastic game - great people online - and a masterpiece of what online gaming should be like.

  6.  Ghost Recon: Unadvanced PC hater


    Dont buy this game if your a PC owner. Battlefield 2 is a far superior game in every way. Graw 2 is bugged, has useless ai that reminded me of Wofenstein 3d and even worse multiplayer. I did have a laugh with it though...when I bought it off play.com and then traded it in for a profit. Play.coms prices are awsome for Battlefield 2 and also BF2142 which isnt as good as bf2 but still better than this rubish from ubi. Hated the bugs in Vegas? This is the same. Avoid graw 2 and buy bf2 or wait for crysis off play.com.

  7.  If only this guy had done the new Star Wars films........


    Great, great acting. The acting on this show makes the majority of Oscar winners look lame. Watch the pilot. Watch Season One. Then these reviews wont mean a thing to you. Why? Because by then you will know that this is the best thing you,ve seen in ages. In fact...I was beginning to loose hope that they could still make good quality show like this. I hope this sets the standard now and maybe someone somewhere will now realise there IS a market for shows like this and Firefly if you get in a) good actors b) good script writers. If this dies like Firefly did then there really is no hope for TV watching mankind ....endless big brothers is the future unless we all take a stand......or you know......buy this series to support it.......probably easier than chaining yourself to the railings outside the BBC......still....could be fun...i guess.

  8.  Unlike the Rocky films...each Total War game is better.


    Im not a armchair general, I dont live with my mum and paint little soldiers either - I do however usually play squad based shooters only - until one day I saw Medieval 2 running on a PC and couldnt believe how amazing it all looked. To be impressed by graphics alone is pretty shallow...so I had to have a go. First of all I was impressed by the turn based strategy map, then when I realised that when you had a battle anywhere on that map that you then zoomed into that part of the world to have a fantastic realtime battle I was left amazed at just how far strategy games have come. Last one I played was EAs lord of the rings and I was devasted at the waste of the LOTR license ---after playing this game Med 2 I wish the Total War guys had got the license. To sum up then. A great, great game. Fantastic realtime battles,great turn based strategy and one of the best games I ve played. Total War fans out there - see u all on multi player ( Im usually the Scots routing of the field- bah - they dont have very good units....not like brave heart at all.....).

  9.  Best thing Ive seen since the old original Starwars movies.


    I watched one or two episodes on sky but couldnt get into it at all...then I bought the pilot film and then season one and I have to say its the best scifi Ive ever watched since the original starwars films ( not the 3 rubbish new ones). The acting is superb oscar winning stuff...and as for the effects...well they put many hollywood blockbusters to shame. Constantly exciting, great character development alonside some great plot twists all build up to season 2 at which point your so addicted to it all that just like a great book its hard to look away. Even my missus who hates scifi watched it and once half through season one she too said its one of the best shows shes ever watched. I cant recommend this more than to say....Ive watched it twice ove the pilot and season one and two and will do so again just before season 3 is released. To not watch this is a crime....and trust me...without adverts and having to wait a week to get into the episode this will be the best thing you have seen for many years. Buy it...buy it now!! (by the way..play.com is pretty much one of the cheapest places to get it).