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  1.  tony hawks proving ground (judgement from the demo)


    This review is based only on the demo

    my first thought was maybe activision has stepped it up a noch with competitors skate but unfortunitly not they have stuck with the old button mashing technique which shows lac of improvement and that they pay no attention to the marketin the demo you have 3 challenges and 10 minutes basicly the same as thps 2

    if you have played skate stay away i struggled to enjoy for it has no real difference.

    i suggest skate to anyone who has not played it yet but i have struggled to play tony hawks games ever since rent it or download the demo before you buy it

  2.  Timeshift


    wow there are only three or four first person shooters that I can think of that are really good but to throw in he power to control time is awsome it is just non-stop fun. A must buy

  3.  Question


    do i pay for this monthly aswell cause i read some where that it cost £3.33 a month is this true?

  4.  brilliant phone!


    I bought this phone about ten months ago and its one of the best mobile phones I have ever bought! The swivel design is a real talking point and the camera can be used both horizontally and vertically. Its got a decent sized memory and I've got about 20 tracks and alot of photos stored so its enough for me. Some may want to upgrade the memory card if you want to put ALOT of music on it. But its well worth its pennys and I am sure I will have it for months to come!

  5. Skate


    Xbox 360

    4 New from  £14.77  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.19



    One problem with this game! There is no multiplayer freeroaming but if it had it I'd say it would get game of the year

  6.  WOW


    This is the game to buy! you can either play on your own which is fun or you can play multiplayer and beleive me I nag at my friends to get this game it is that good and for £17.99 I recommend you buy it what a bargin!!!!!

  7.  wow


    When I first played this game I thought that it was worth way more than I bought it for right now it is still worth 39.99 this is a bargin offer!!!!!

  8.  slow starter


    this game is a slow starter and can freeze from time to time but once your in you cant get out