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  1.  Brilliant!


    My cousin and I sat down every night at 10pm last week staring at the TV screen! What a wicked, addictive show! Brilliant ending...so refreshing aswell compared to the normal rubbish where it's a bunch of zombies who walk slower than the common slug and only pose a threat to you if you were chained down or something! All the actors were great and it was really scary - I must have leapt on my poor cousin a thousand times through certain scenes! A must-watch.

  2.  Absolutely fantastic...


    Wow, what a film! Dark, deep, scary, shocking and totally captivating. Heath Ledger MUST receive the posthumous oscar! Aaron Eckhart was also brilliant and the effects were scarily convincing. Two slight criticisms though...Batmans voice borders on tedious at times and I really think that allowing children under 12 to see the film if they are accompanied by an adult is questionable. In my opinion the film should have been a 15. But that's scraping the bottom of the barrel for a bit of negativity there - it really is that hard to find flaw with the film!

  3.  No no no no no


    This film is twee, quirky (in a bad way) and so desperate to make you cry that it becomes almost ridiculous. Neither lead actor is particulary charismatic and as for the key premise of the film? Urgh! A man writes letters telling a woman how to move on after he dies? Please! Oh...and great as Gerard Butler is...why on earth did they make him Irish? The man sounds like an english guy doing an impression of an american doing an awful Irish accent! He's scottish...why not just leave him as scottish?! I was truly unimpressed.

  4.  Fantastic!!!


    Wow...so there you have it...someone managed to make a brilliant vampire film!!! The vampires are truly haunting and all performances are fantastic. It's tense, packed with adrenaline and genuinely scary. I watched this movie when it first came out in cinemas ages ago and to this day it creeps me out! Not sure that I was overly keen on the slightly anti-climactic ending but, to be honest, the rest of the film is so good that you'll forgive it a couple of plot-holes!

  5.  I would recommend it...


    I think the other reviews are a little harsh. The film is scary, action-packed, sweet and brilliantly acted by Will Smith. There are some truly tense moments too. Unfortunately the ending really is awful. It's a shame because the first hour and 20 mins or so are really great and then the ending leaves you feeling less than satisfied.

  6.  WOW!


    I don't know how Khalid Hosseini does it but after reading numerous average and monotonous books he has managed to transform a book into an entire world. The characters are completely 3-dimensional and by the end you feel truly personally affected. It shows the true depths of human beings. It is a tale of redemption but not the way the over-sentimental americans do it. It is not a simple 'I hurt you, I made it up to you, now everything is great' story. It is as honest and real as it gets. You MUST read it.

  7.  Must have tissues at the ready!


    An absolutely phenomenal writer. He gets you not just into the story but into this beautifully developed world that he creates. By the last page you feel that you were one of the characters of the story, not just an observant. It is a truly gritty tale but shows the truth depth of human beauty and the ability to endure and overcome the most horrific of ordeals. He is a MUST read, but trust me...you'll be bawling like a baby from start to finish!



    I saw Ruarri live when I went to see David Ford in Exeter late last year. What a fantastic sound (and a lovely chap too!) it has been a poor excuse for a summer this year but I promise if you whack this on it'll feel like you're chilling out in Newquay with a bonfire and a guitar! Sadly he is yet another largely undiscovered talent.

  9.  You MUST listen to this...


    What a great artist. He should be the star of the future but first we'll have to get those useless radio stations to stop playing Rihanna and whack on some David Ford! It hardly breaks the bank to purchase this album and I promise you it is a worthy investment - once you start listening you will not stop! I have seen him live twice now (slighlty sad, I know!) and hope to see him again soon.