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  1.  Hansel and Gretel


    This film very much reminds me of the Van Helsing movie, fast paced with good makeup and special FX, THIS FILMS GREAT, Good story well put together great acting. If you didnt like Van Helsing dont bother with this, if you did get ready for another good action packed ride of horror!

  2.  Life li e a box a chocolates


    This film might be an oldie now but wow the blu ray version does`nt show it ! a classic like wizard of oz that can be watched again and again, a must have for your blue ray collection, run forrest run and buy it now.

  3.  Bee Movie Blu ray


    How many of us have heard from friends "i cant see the differance from DVD to Blu Ray" well load up this film and show them! Blu Ray at its very best, the colours are mind blowing and the story moves at a fast pace and never get boring, i dont care if you three years old or fifty like me your going to enjoy this fun uplifting movie you`ll definitely come back to again and again.

  4.  Kill Bill 1 + 2


    Love these films...looking at the box you might think its one of those nasty cheap cartons but no, upon opening you find two blue ray dvd films the quality is as you would expect brill! You can see why its at the top of plays sales at this price, once again thanks to play for this bargin from my fav movie web site

  5.  Cooler Master X Craft 360 External USB


    Very nice USB caddy with psu ...I put my 1TB sata hard drive in after formatting it to fat 32 on my PC, plugged it into my ps3 USB port had no probs took less than 10 min to set up, the caddy looks a lot better than the in the picture shown....lov it.

  6.  Half-Life 2: The Orange Box


    A lot might think twice about buying this game as it had some bad reviews with the conversion, as soon as you put the game in the ps3 and go online a patch will be installed to the ps3 to fix the problems it has, i paid, 12 pounds for this from play, i consider it a gift at that price, if they sell it again at that price grab it what a game .....thank you play

  7.  Kill Bill


    Lost count of how many times I have seen this movie, it really great BUT I hope it going to be the Japanese cut in full color and not the UK version that went Black and White in the main Fight Scene of the movie come on guys give us full color this time for the Blu Ray DVD please ...

  8.  DDR2


    Nice mem I overclocked it in the BIOS to 800Mhz runs cool plays all my games fast, if someone says one gigs enough for XP laugh at them just watch how fast 2 gig loads your games a must have i cant find it cheaper on the net

  9.  Timeshift PC


    I love this game after playing other First Person games that slowed my system down i was very happy to see this game fly along at a very nice pace, graphics are I think awesome as is the game play mastering when and what type of timeshift to use is great fun, It seemed to be over to quick for me but all good things are! wheres the add on pack please hurry I want it..

  10.  Star Trek: Borg Fan Collector's Set


    What can i say i am blown away by this bargain box set, the Borg are the best episodes zombies if you like of the future looking at each show and seeing the work that has been put into them thrills me if your in the slightest way interested in star trek buy this, good acting, good sifi, good deal