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  1.  Lee Child produces another great Reacher action/thriller


    One Shot is the ninth in the series of Jack Reacher thrillers written by Lee Child a British author now living in the States. Reacher is an ex-military policeman drifting around his homeland finding work where he can and refusing to stay anywhere long enough to put down roots. It always surprises me how few of my friends have heard of, let alone read these books but I am a big fan and find them easy to read. Whilst I don't think this is necessarily one of Child's best, it's far from disappointing. When a man has clearly committed the crime of shooting dead five people it seems as though it's a matter of case closed. But when the man asks for Jack Reacher seemingly the last person on earth he would want help from or for that matter would want to help him, questions are raised. One Shot has the usual blend of Reacher heroics, the plot twists and turns and leaves you not wanting to put it down. Once finished you can consol yourself with the fact that there are plenty more in the series.

  2. Life



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     Quotes and Pearls of wisdom...


    This is a delightful, beautifully illustrated book which brings together quotes and pearls of wisdom that you keep meaning to write down or remember when reading his books. Obviously only really of benefit if you are a fan of Paulo Coelho's work, but if you are you really wont be disappointed. In truth whilst I rate the alchemist highly I haven't really enjoyed much of his other material but this book does bring the best bits of those as well. Probably not a book that you would read cover to cover but certainly one that could be delved into little and often.

  3.  Could not stop laughing!


    I forget where I first heard about this book but the idea caught my imagination straight away so I took it on holiday with me. It's a "true" story of the author climbing out of a rut in his life by saying yes more after a chance meeting with a stranger on a bus. In fact he makes the commitment to say yes to everything with hilarious consequences. I couldn't put it down and found myself in that embarrassing situation of laughing out loud on the beach and the people around wondering what on earth is the matter with me! It really did fit the bill of a comical page turner and at no point did I feel like I wanted to put it down. All sounds a bit gushing but I think sometimes there are those writers or comedians out there that just seem to hit the right chord with your own sense of humour and Danny Wallace does that for me. I've read another of his books since and I enjoyed that just as much. To add a bit of balance my brother has since read it as well and whilst he's enjoyed it he's found it, to my amazement, hard going in places. For me it's a very funny book which gets the message across that we all leave quite negative lives and should simply say yes more to opportunities and situations that pop up. Danny Wallace hasn't written the book preaching his beliefs or telling anyone how to live their lives it's more just an account of his own experience written in a very funny and endearing way.

  4.  Read it for what it is...


    The Alchemist seems to fall into that category of books that people either get a lot out of or absolutely nothing at all. It's the story of a young man finding his way in the world, overcoming obstacles and ultimately following his dreams. I love the book myself and have read it several times. It's like a bedtime story for adults and is so easy to read you will finish it in no time. I think as various reviews suggest it's not a book for everyone and I wonder if disappointment comes from the high expectations placed on it by its own success and from people claiming it has changed their lives. The truth is I think it probably has changed my outlook in quite a subtle positive way but if you pick this book up thinking it's a self help book or expecting a profound change you may be left wondering what all the fuss is about. It's a warm, comforting story for generations finding themselves increasingly adrift from their dreams and questioning their belief systems. I think if you read it for what it is you will be surprised at how much you get out of it...