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  1.  Deep Space Nine: The Beginning


    If you have been used to watching Star Trek: The Next Generation or even the Original Series or Voyager then Deep Space Nine will at first seem quite different. Like other first seasons of shows it starts off trying to find its feet and where as TNG had to contend with being in the shadow of the Original Series so Deep Space Nine has to contend with its illustrious forbear TNG.

    As Deep Space Nine is set on a space station stories and events have to originate there or come to the station unlike the Enterprise which explores space. Although this may seem a boring premise and some of the episodes seem uninteresting or ridiculous stick with it because it certainly gets better. Season 1 sets up Benjamin Sisko as the Commander of the station with the torch being passed onto him by Captain Picard himself. Some of the early episodes have characters from TNG such as the Duras sisters or Lwaxana Troi etc while a main character on Deep Space Nine is Miles O Brien. The Deep Space Nine crew at first seem odd and unlikeable particularly Odo and Bashier while Avery Brooks (Sisko) acting is at times tedious.

    However things do rapidly improve and season one lays the foundations for some wonderful character development and story arcs over the whole seven seasons and they eventually get a ship too! Deep Space Nine isnt afraid to explore issues that other Star Trek series may have shied away from and as a whole I would go so far as to say its probably the best Star Trek series or its my favourite at least.

  2.  Excellent Series


    This is a brilliant series and for the price is a steal. Covering various military tactics such as blitzkrieg, assault from the air, amphibious landings etc, the show provides examples from various wars of the 20th Century. The series really goes into detail and is very informative and interesting and doesn't focus mainly on the Second World War either, as other conflicts such as Korea, Vietnam and even the 2003 invasion of Iraq are covered. If you like military history or history in general this is certainly one to buy.

  3.  Great


    My review does not contain spoilers. Season 2 has a great plot with a sinister opening and an unexpected and shocking finale. This time around Jack Bauer and CTU face a race against time to prevent a nuclear bomb being detonated in Los Angeles.

    The acting from the majority of the cast is brilliant with stand outs being Dennis Haysbert (who plays the moralistic Obama-esque President David Palmer) Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer) Michelle Forbes (Lynne Kresge) Xander Berkeley (George Mason) and also Kiefer Sutherland.

    The downside to this season is the tacked on ridiculous subplot involving Jacks daughter Kim. It is utterly pointless and has no bearing on the main story whatsoever. Infact you can skip all scenes involving her without missing anything important. Also the actress who plays the character of Kate Warner spends half the time with a gormless confused expression on her face and I didnt find her acting particularly convincing.

    Overall its a worthy second season and it is apparent the show is starting to find its legs. If you watched and enjoyed the first season then this is a must see!

  4.  The best book on WWII


    This is probably the best one volume account of the war that I have read. The sub-title is: a new history of the Second World War and the author does indeed bring some refreshing insight to a topic which has no shortage of books written about it. The book is packed full of detail but is never dry or dull. Instead it is written in a well flowing compelling way as well as being interspersed now and then with the authors witty remarks. Even if you are very familiar with the events people and places of the Second World War this book still manages to make you feel as if you are reading about it all for the first time. If you dont know too much about the Second World War then this is certainly a book to read, without becoming bored or bogged down in a subject which is quite huge. The author conveys incredibly well just how much of an epic albeit an incredibly destructive and tragic one the Second World War was. Highly recommended.

  5.  Wonderful


    This is an incredibly moving and inspiring autobiography made up from Martin Luther Kings own papers. Kings courage and determination to achieve equality and respect for black people in the face of intense racism and hatred is stirring and powerful. But the fact that he did so, by peaceful means and never resorted to violence and on numerous occasions even went to prison is even more amazing. King explains the roots of his non-violence campaign and how he was heavily influenced by Gandhi. The book also includes his famous; I have a dream speech, along with many others. It is a tragedy that such a wonderful human being such as himself was assassinated and we are left to wonder what else he may have achieved, had his life not be cut short. It is a thought provoking and humbling book and one that everyone should certainly read.

  6.  Fantastic


    This is a fantastic book and is in my opinion how many other history books should be. It is packed full of detail and information yet is easy to read and very engrossing. It makes you want to carry on to read the next chapter to see what happens next in the huge epic that is the history of the United States even if you know what is going to happen. The book looks at pretty much every era of U.S history starting off with the original inhabitants and then the impact of Columbus. It goes through every major era and event and is comprehensive and really hard to put down. I recommend people to buy this book even if you do not like history it might change your mind about it. If you do like history this is certainly a book to read.

  7.  Great Quality!


    As I write this review I have had these earphones for just over a month. Not much can be said except the sound quality is really good. If you have only used standard earphones or the normal apple earphones that come with an ipod then these are a huge improvement. As they actually fit into your ear canal they block out external sound and noise brilliantly so you can listen to your music without interference. One side of the earphone wire is slightly longer than the other. Apparently this is so you can wrap it around your neck. Whether you chose to or not does not detract from the quality of the earphones in question. Overall they have great sound quality and are very comfortable to wear.

  8.  Great Stuff!


    As a big Futurama fan it was great to see the Planet Express crew back again and up to their old shenanigans. This box set is excellent value for money for four great films. Each film is different and in parts the plot might seem a bit wacky but in the end they are all wrapped up nicely. My favourites are probably Benders Big Score and Into the Wild Green Yonder but each film is great overall. Benders Game is particularly funny in parts if you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings. The final film Into the Wild Green Yonder leaves it wide open for more Futurama instalments. It has been confirmed that Futurama is returning with a new season sometime in 2010 and it will carry on from the events at the end of this film. Overall if you are a Futurama fan buy this box set you cannot go wrong.

  9.  Incredibly detailed


    This is almost a day by day account of the Second World War. The author puts a lot of emphasis on the Allied code breakers and partisan warfare behind the lines in Russia and Yugoslavia. Much focus is also given to the deportation and killing of Jews. However this can get a bit repetitive as there are only so many ways the author can begin such paragraphs without them starting to sound the same.

    As the book is a general narrative it doesnt focus too much on military or tactical aspects although all the major battles and events are covered.

    For those looking for a more general introduction to the Second World War I would not recommend this book as it does not include any origins or background about how the war began. The first chapter starts with the German invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939. Also although the war in the Pacific is covered there is little background explanation for Japans war in China nor is the terrible massacre at Nanking even mentioned. A lot of focus is given to Hitler and the war in Europe although this in no way detracts from the quality of the overall book.

    The author Martin Gilbert has also written a book about the First World War which is just as good if not better than this one.

  10. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


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     A disgrace


    Prior to buying Fifa 10 the last Fifa game i had played was Fifa 08 for the Playstation 2, which i thoroughly enjoyed. Having purchased a PS3 i looked forward to buying the new Fifa 10. I downloaded the demo for the game from the Playstation Store and felt the game was very good and eagerly awaited it's release.

    However after now owning the game for almost a week, i can quite confidently say that i am appalled at how poor quality it is, due to the number of bugs and faults.

    To score goals is frustratingly hard. All keepers on the game now suddenly seem to have the goal keeping skills of Buffon and this is only on semi-pro difficulty (the second difficulty level), saving shot after shot.

    Shots also hit the woodwork in every single match, making what should be an ocassional dramatic moment into an improbable absurdity. These issues take a lot of the enjoyment out of playing the game.

    Players get injured in every other game you play, especially in manager mode. However the only injury my players constantly get is whiplash and they are out for one game only.

    Playing as Tottenham on manager mode, the striker Roman Pavlyuchenko scored altogether at least 6 or 7 goals, with at least a hat trick in one match. Yet the player statistics show him as only scoring 2 for some reason and it is never updated.

    The referees are stupid. Giving out free kicks for every single tackle and constantly getting in the way of the ball. That isn't to mention the assistant manager on manager mode, who is laughable. Placing players out of position and assigning players who have low fatigue.

    There are no events for manager mode that come up like on the old ps2 version, e.g. players unavailable due to international friendlies, different decisions you have to make regarding players etc. It's all very shallow and there is nothing to it.

    There is a ton of other things that i could write about. I am not the only one experiencing these issues.

    A visit to the EA Fifa 10 website should illustrate that i am not the only one, with many users discussing the same problems. One user on the EA website in particular has compiled a list of 50 bugs, many of which i've encountered myself.

    I am also unable to connect to play with my friend online and the EA server reliability is very poor.

    The one good thing i can thing of is that the graphics are pretty good. However this is far outweighed by the bad quality of the overall gameplay.

    My advice is to save your money and do not buy this game. I am very disappointed and annoyed. I feel foolish for believing the hype spouted by EA about this game, which is infact a complete disgrace. I will not be buying Fifa 11.