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  1.  You'll love this


    Bought this for the wife and kids to have a laugh with and surprisingly enough its actually very good.
    Theres loads of songs of varying difficulties with both short and full versions to dance along with. The song also shows the words across the bottom of the screen so all you budding singers can join in while you "attempt" the steps.
    There is a challenge section that you can "Strike a pose" or be the "Last man standing". The strike a pose is a classic, you have to stop when the bar indicates so or you lose the points you've earned, its literally like musical statues, even the slightest move sees your score drop. Last man standing is "its a knockout", get it wrong and you lose stars, lose them all and you're out of the game.
    Join in at any stage and have some fun, you can really get a good workout from this and its great fun for all the family. This is definately one for your collection.

  2.  Definately up at the top again


    I have done the series on the PC but was getting peeved at having to upgrade the PC to play another top-notch game.
    Played this last night and boy, the PC is going to get binned.
    Absolutely brilliant gameplay and graphics.
    It's great how the gameply on the single player led on 5 years after the first MW game but wow!
    Can't wait for the MP.
    Grab a copy and get stuck in:)

  3.  About time these came out


    Just like everyone else, I've been bemused at Sony's total lack of judgement when it comes to late night online gaming! Who plays online at night in mono when there are kids asleep?? Finally I can dicard my headphone / mic combo for a proper fully functional headet!
    I used them for the fist time last night and they certainly do what they're supposed to.
    Ok, the cabling is long, but can be tied up and there is a slight noise generated, but it's certainly not affecting the gameplay whatsoever.
    If you, like me, play into the night and have the wife / kids about, get these.

    Game on :)

  4.  So good I bought a 2nd set


    Very good kit, easy to fit (and take off again if you really don't like them-but am sure you won't), you won't be disappointed.
    I'm not so I got an extra set for my other controller.

  5.  Result!


    Cheapest I've seen it anywhere and very fast delivery. Handy getting points for your Nectar card too.

  6.  Testing you and your patience


    When I bought this I didn't realise how addictive it would be.
    You get to choose your "Ninja Name" which is quite funny, theres literally thousands of combinations of preselected names which you can either choose yourself or there is a random name option.

    You start off as a novice and just like any martial arts you go through the belt system.

    There are 6 mini games, each of which have 3 rounds to start off with, progressing to 6 rounds as you get to the higher belts.
    In order to progress to a "Belt test" you need to complete all rounds within 5 of the mini-games.
    As you go through the belts, more names are unlocked and the trials become increasingly harder.

    I worked by way through the first Black belt and am half way through the 2nd.
    The games are becoming more and more challenging and your reflexes need to be sharp, but thats the point of the game.

    The cut scenes of your "Sensei" become boring and repetetive but at least you can just tap the screen to exit to the rounds selection screen.

    The main downside of this game for me is that some of the games are getting ridiculously hard to complete so if you're like me, you will start to lose interest in trying to achieve that illusive challenge result.

    Good game but can be frustrating at times.

  7.  Brilliant telly for the money


    Like most people, I was looking for a decent HD TV that would run my pc and HD (PS3 in my case).
    I got the LG as it had some great reviews here and on other online sites stocking this TV.
    Got it home, plugged it all in and no problems getting the pc up and running. I did however have the same fault that "GingerDave4" and "Bouldy" had connecting up the HDMI port. I just couldn't get the thing to accept the signal, thought I was jinxed. Spent 3 hours on the PS3 forums, tried about 10 variations of wiring / settings which all failed. Turned out to be the HDMI "PC/DTV" setting on the TV itself. Only found it by accident.
    The LG does in fact work at full 1080p and in that respect I am totally satisfied with this LG.

  8.  Awesome


    Thought this game might have not been my cup of tea, but boy was i wrong.
    The graphics are great, AI good, but gameplay fantastic.
    You get the all in one treat of a first person shooter with the complexity of finding solutions on 'how the hell do i get there?'.
    Jumping, climbing, treasure hunting with a bit of bullet dodging.
    You can't go wrong with this game.

  9.  Simply brilliant


    Totally love this game.
    The controls were a bit difficult to start with but as they say practise makes perfect.
    A truly fun for the family game.

  10.  Top notch for less than a Tenner


    I'd looked around for a suitable charging unit and decided on this because the remotes eat batteries for breakfast.
    It's a brilliant charging unit, you need AAA Ni-mh rechargeable batteries as the unit comes with replacement back panels to house the AAA's.
    The charging station is powered by the inbuilt USB lead plugged into the back of the Wii.
    You have the option of having the "blue light" on or off - i have mine off as its like the Blackpool illuminations under the TV.
    Some people stated in their reviews that they had problems putting the remotes into the cradles with the jackets and straps attached, personally i have had no problems. The jackets just roll up and providing you hold the strap strings tight to the remote body as you insert it into the cradle it fits nicely.