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  1.  Best RPG EVER!!!


    This game may be rough around the edges with lack luster voice acting and other slight issues but what it lacks it more than makes up for in character. I have never played an RPG that was so engaging before, This game looks and feels vibrant and interesting and you find your self wanting to play more at 5am when you have already been up all night playing it. The game's balance in its game play and characters means you never find your self wondering aimlessly or being bored at any time. The game starts off with a pretty underwhelming opening sequence where you play the king in a dream but once you actually start the game with your character the game opens up into a magical world off addictive role playing, CG beauty and a perpetual story that has you begging for more. All in all I would say that the story is engaging, the game play is well balanced and more fluid than most RPGs, the graphics are stunning and keep you interested without long periods of dullness like games such as dragon age. This game is definitely worth buying especially if your a fan of two worlds 2, Skyrim or dragon age.

  2.  AMAZING!!!!!!!


    Two worlds two, well first thing is first its nothing to do with the first game, It may share names of places but this is a hugely different game and apart from the name has no real association with its predecessor. The story its self is interesting but does seem to give way to letting you go off and do things your self quite a lot really restricting the linearity however this game really makes up for that with incredible graphics, an innovative combat system and an almost infinite ability to mix elements together and create unending permutations of your own spells and potions, you can mix all sorts together and cast the spell and suddenly your walking down a trail with a swarm of bees, a terror cotta army and a troll protecting you, well that is when you have levelled up that far. To say this game is in depth would be a huge understatement, you can mine elements then create and forge a weapon, then go and create a spell and enchant your weapon and cast crazy unique spells you made as you fight an enemy with the weapon and armour you made your self and then go and take a ride on a boat across the sea to a random island. This Is just scratching at the surface of this game, where this game really shines is the ability to play online co-op which is more like a free MMO RPG experience more than anything. which includes the games equivalent to horde mode or arena mode, you can also fully customise your character, his or her home! And your own working online village! That other players can visit and buy and sell with your traders helping the village economy. This game is a gem, its nothing like the first two worlds at all and if I had to sum it up I would say it is a cross between ARCANIA, Skyrim, risen and dragon age 1, but with more detail beauty and whit than all of them and a multiplayer reminiscent of phantasy star universes MMO RPG online. In conclusion This is apart from being really rare as they only printed one batch, this is one of the best RPGs ever made for this generation of console and if you enjoyed ARCANIA or RISEN this will make you giddy to play within minutes.

  3.  All you need to know about this AMAZING game


    This game is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I am a huge hard core gamer and normally I stay away from games based on films but the genre seems to be changing lately giving us more amazing games. Avatar is not a game for children not because of violent content or anything like that but because it is more like an RPG than anything else and they may get bored. The game is actually two games across one world played from two perspectives. You start as a marine communications officer and then get transferred into your avatar to learn and experience both before deciding to play the game as one or the other. The great thing is after the training you make a choice whether or not to join the Navi (Aliens) or the Marines. Once you have made your choice you will play a HUGE EPIC game as that faction. Amazingly though the game auto saves TWO save games so when you make your choice you will have that save game and another that saved at the point where you make your choice so that you can load that save file and make the other choice and play as the other faction. The great thing is that the areas and missions are so different in each you are basically getting two huge separate games. The game also has a conquest mode that you can access at any quick travel point conquest is a mini game of sorts like a RTS (Real time strategy) or a giant game of chess in which you have an overview of the planet and all your troops and the enemies. You mobilise assets and conquer areas and basically run a war being successful then transfers rewards to your main game. This is an amazing innovation and really adds to the scope and fun of the game. The game its self is set a few weeks before the film and has a separate story line and characters. The graphics and environments are the best I have ever seen in any game Reminiscent of Fable 2 but more detailed and beautiful. The sky is the limit with this game. After passing all of the skills needed to get into the game you see that the world is separated into territories and each one has so many missions and challenges to complete. Each place has miles to explore and vehicles in which to do so and also miles vertically either on the back of a dragon thing or in a futuristic helicopter. And you can get out at any floating island and go shooting the enemies and complete challenges, the game is just that big and so beautiful looking rich and full of wildlife. In short if you like action games RPGs or RTSs you will probably love this, I have played hundreds of games on the 360 but this is the most surprising and game yet and in my opinion one of the best games out at the moment up there with Borderlands modern warfare 2 and dragon age. I suggest that you play as the Navi first and complete all the challenges in each sector before moving on to experience the whole game. Hope this helps and ENJOY oh and by the way there is great multiplayer on this game with modes like capture the flag team death match and so on.

  4.  Breath of fresh air ! ! ! ! !


    First of all i don't know what some people who reviewed this game were playing because the combat is outstanding, its fast paced with many combos and atributes to gain and use. The music is well scored and the story well written and interesting, giving hints and tieing in other storys and characters from greak poems/ literature. I studied classical civilisations in school and read about these characters and events and although slightly played up for entertainment purposes it is really enjoyable to play references to them. This is a uniqe RPG with no HUD for combat and other atributes letting the magical settings and amazing visual details shine. strangely for an RPG there is virtually no micro-management which i missed but after ten minutes i didn't care i was so wrapped up in it, just remember that the combat is fast but the story is at a nice slow RPG pace for those all about whats going on. If you skip cut scenes you will find your self lost or missing out. I bought mine on play trade try looking at those prices first for best results if you like acient greace and gladiators excetera and RPG's you will enjoy this amazing game!

  5.  Perfect for the Mac Mini


    Perfect for Mac Mini this hard drive above any other external hard drive is perfect for a mac mini and becomes a part of it seamlessly, you won't regret this buy as it will enhance your Mac mini's performance, look and has just as much quality.



    This is one of the best 75 hour experiences i have ever had online with 3 of my friends! every aspect of this game is beyond AMAZING i don't even need to describe it its just that good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7.  This game has that hidden attraction


    Ok bad company is very good no question but this game has a great style and brilliant videos the single player is just epic and fun, the graphics are great and the online multiplayer is really fun and full of variety from custimisations to leveling up and tens of online game types. It may not have been the last guys cup of tea but for 87% of fps gamers you will love it, i usualy don't think games with hype are good like halo 3 which was just repetition in the form of a shiny game full of plastic ewocks but this game lives up to the hype. Well worth it especialy at this price (warning) if you play online you will have to pay 800 micrsoft foints for the new map pack containing about six extra levels which you don't need but if you want it, you get them free with the game of the year edition but at this price just get the normal one.

  8.  Yes it works not just for halo 3 and its fast


    Ok guys here it is, i recieved my email with the subscription code on within an hour of paying, yes it works for uk xbox, yes it is just like a regular gold membership allowing you to play any game online and all the rest only you get thirteen months instead of 12 the halo 3 bit is to promote halo 3 they give you the thirteenth month as like a special edition thing you do not need halo 3 for it to work. All you do is pay get the redeam code in an email, enter into your console and boom your set for 13 months hope this answers your questions and helps. Well worth it at this price.

  9.  Good price and worth watching.


    I know people slate this film becuse they are stuck on the iconic original with christopher lambert which is an amazing film but there is no reason to join them, like all things the highlander franchise has evolved and if you don't want to evolve with it then you probably will be dissapointed with this film but it is still better than 2 and 3. If you are a fan of the series then you will probably really enjoy this film and instantly recognise the characters like dawson and methos and some of the references made to past characters like richy. One of the reasons i think most people who haven't really seen much of the series might not enjoy this film is besides a non familiarity with the characters there is a slightly different tone and humour set buy the series that has carried on in this film that reflects the main character and his world as the first film did with conar's character but if you consider these things before you watch it you might enjoy it more and if you like the series you will probably love the film and please don't think that it has ruined the original because it is simply an evolved version of the story and being a film maker trust me you can't even begin to imagine the hard work that must have gone into every film you watch. ENJOY.

  10.  Why on gods earth cancel?


    I totally agree with the last guy but first things first I had no idea the show was cancelled as I have just watched the last episode and I'm devastated as the last guy suggested it may not have had a large budget but it had sole and it was very entertaining. This box set is well worth buying and as a small time Sci-Fi film director myself I know how much work goes into each of those episodes and I commend each and every one of the cast and crew who made this series WELL DONE !!!!!! Now go out and make another programme just as good and don't let anyone ever tell you its bad and that goes for anyone in the industry. As for potential buyers of this DVD box set you won't be disappointed and at this price for 16 and a half hours of flash Gordon you wouldn't be a true Sci-Fi fan without it.