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    Fifa is way better the pes for the followin reasons
    Bap mode online, live season, real kits and real names, the passing and the skills, arena mode and people say gameplay is better on pes i dont see it myself if gameplay means pass the ball to messi and runs past everyone then yeah it got gud gameplay

  2.  NFS


    Much better then pro street by a mile that blows big baby chunks lol but not as gud as nfs carbon that pwns has to be one of the best games i've ever play witch include cod 5 gta 4 and fifa 09
    But nfs undercover still way worth £25 easy and more i'd pay £40 frame rate issue didt see mush myself didt ruin the game 4 me online it basic racing game like gt 5: Pro pretty gud storyline lacks a bit in parts i found that you do race's 4 no reason get a bit more of the story but most race's are't based on the story but still 5/5

  3. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


    6 New from  £2.36  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.00

     best fifa out yet


    i own the ps2 fifa 08 i loved that game i was hooked on it then i played this game on the ps3 sooooo much better i played ps3 fifa and i went bak to ps2 fifa is was poor to say the leased, but realy fifa 08 (ps3) is the best football game out i look foward to fifa 09

  4.  GT 5 prologue


    GT 5 prologue is the first game i had on the ps3 and it is a good game i dont even feel the need to buy GT 5 it might be good but i wont be buying it the graphics are good g8 if you have a HDMI lead the car are good i can think of only 1 thing wrong with the game that is that you have to buy the car in order to drive them in arcade mode you cant just pick a car and drive you need to have brought them in event mode witch is't the best but over all a good game

  5.  Classic


    fight night round 3 is a realy good game the best thing is the rebuild a legend where you play as Ali or roy jones Jr
    and play a carer with an already designed player and build them up or just create your own

  6.  worth a buy


    i love boxing and all thing to do with it so i love this film
    it's not LOL funny start to end but it is a good film and worth a watch

  7.  great game


    I love Resident Evil and this is no different the graphics are some of the best i have seen on ps2 but it does't have any zombies only crazy people but it doest really mater much it not as scary as resident evil 2 but the gameplay is just so much better it's not THE best resident evil but certainly i the top 3

  8. Futurama



    1 New from  £14.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.51



    i am a big fan of futurama thats the main reason i got this game... it was worth it's quite hard the first few times you play it the story line is good the graphics are good and the cut scene at the start is funny a great game



    wipeout pure is one of the best games on the psp even in comparison with GTA'S it got so many difficulty levels you cant get bored with it the ships or whatever it is you are driving stay the same but the gameplay gets faster and faster. I like car games like NFS carbon with real cars and roads as opposed to speed boosts on the track and blowing each other up with weapons but this game i can make an exception for well worth your money

  10. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


    3 New from  £6.42  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29

     best fifa yet


    i have never own a fifa since 2000. but i always play my mates and fifa 07 was top class but come on ya gotta love this game fifa 08 it the best fifa yet you can play as your whole team (as normal) or be just the one play on a team and much better skills if timed right let you fly past the back line great game