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  1.  Based on the Demo :)


    The demo of this game is really good, the attacks are good and the graphics and gameplay are also good. I especially like the lunge attack. The controls are easy to learn and master. Warning this game is very violent and kids shouldn't play it if you don't like your children playing violent games. (that explains the 18 rating) Buy now!!

  2.  Great headset!


    I use this for my ps3. It is great quality. Good sound and people say that they can hear me clearly. I got confused on how to set it up on the ps3 but for who want to know do this:

    First go to accessory settings in the setting collum. Then go to bluetooth settings. Then you do what it says on the instruction sheet basicly. Once you have paired it, go out of accessory setting and go to sound settings. Go to audio setup or something. Its one in their. Then put the audio output as bluetooth device. Then it should work.

    Great headset for just £9.99 or 8.99 if you preorder with killzone2 or get it with cod world at war. Buy now!!

  3.  Great Controller!!


    This controller is really good easy to use and wireless. By the way person below, you can turn off the controllers by holding down the ps button and clicking on turn off controller.

  4.  OMG!!!


    This is the best deal i have found ever on a ps3!!! If your getting a ps3 get this or one of the other 2 deals on play!!!! You would be stupid not to!!!

  5.  THE BEST ONE!!


    This is the best brothers in arms so far. The graphics are sooooo good. Gameplay is really good and comes with a free t-shirt. What more could you want! Get it now!!!!

  6.  The best wii game yet!!


    This game is the best. Loads of characters to play as and to unlock.
    Theres online as well which is rare for wii. You can play against people you have friend codes for or you can play against people from all over the world. Its so cool!!! Get it now!!

  7.  Wicked Game!!


    This is a cool game. You even get to ride the rides you build. Very addictive and fun to play. By the way Mandanarchi, you can just run it in windows 95 or 98 mode!!!

  8.  Had Me On the Floor!!!


    This is so funny. definatley a wiked buy. cant wait for something something something dark side.

  9.  Such good Dvd (Janiss You idiot!!!)


    This dvd is so great, another great thing from seth, really worth getting. B the way Janiss an easter egg is a bonus on the dvd not a chocolate easter egg!!!

  10.  The best deal you can get!!!!


    This is the best thing yet!!! 5 games for only £27!! You should get this even if you already have half life 2 or episode 1 or both. Portal and team fortress 2 are very good as well. Very good graphics and gameplay. This should get more than 5 stars!!!!. I cant wait till episode 3 after what happended in episode 2.(sorry no spoilers. Its just not fair for gamers.)