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  1.  Brilliant


    was dragged to the cinema with my gf to see this and i really wasnt that bothered about watching it but i really got caught up in it, this is a brilliant film lots of humour and a good storyline, my gf's friend even cried at one point in it . so yeah a great watch and ill definetely be buying this at some point.

  2.  Absolutely Brilliant


    astounding film, a must buy in my opinion, emotional and exciting well worth £4.99

  3.  Amazing


    this game is great but lacks 2 player

    smithyuk the reason the cars are the 2006 cars is because sony havent got the rights to update the cars/drivers



    this film is really good for what there is its too short for me and doesnt contain enough jokes basically this film is TOO SHORT



    this an amazing game played it in a games shop in the high street and was amazed and was only playing the demo great game MUST BUY
    ?how many people can play?

  6.  Excellent


    this router is great had a philips one but that wouldnt work so get this free from our isp and it worked a treat 20 minutes and it was all up and running amazing product well worth the money

  7.  Very Good


    this game is really all the guns missions and cars are cool but the one thing wrong with it is the fact that you can't skip the missions and just cruise around like in driv3r
    but overall good game



    soooo addictive everything about this game is amazing you cant stop playing. shooting, bombing all the missions you can't stop playing until you've finished the game even then you'll start again and play again from the start
    amazing well worth the money



    good film i loved it because i love people getting hurt and theres plenty of that in this film the crocodile amzing its funny how sometimes it surprises you, youll see what i mean when you watch the film
    worth four stars not that good for five
    but all round a good film, a must buy



    Amazing game, controls are very easy to get used too, great gameplay. the batting and bowling are very easy to learn but fielding takes a little longer. the menu has 5 options they are Play Cricket where you can play the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, ICC Champions Trophy 2006, Custom ODI, Custom Test, Custom Twenty Overs then theres Coaching Mode where you can learn how to bowl going through Basic bowling, Run up And Timing, Ball Placement, Other Common Deliveries, Movement in the air, Approaches, LBW, Special pace delivery and spin bowlers. learn how to bat by using Ground strokes, Lofted Shots, Defensive Shots, Sweep Shots, Moving across the pitch, Running and Moving Down The Pitch, then you learn how to field by learning how to do Basic Catching, Close catches, Throwing To The Wickets, Field layout and Attacking Fields there is also The nets where you can practice batting or bowling and the Glossary. the 3rd option is called Custom Teams here you can make your own player in Custom Player and make your own team using people from other countries and people you have made in Custom Team. then there is load game where you can load any games you have saved. the fifht and final one is The Pavilion where the options are Profiles where you can load a profile or save one, then there is Unlocks And Rewards where you can look at the Gallery where all the photos you have unlocked will be, the trophy cabinet where the trophies you have won are, the caps cabinet where all the hats you have won are, and the kit bag where all kit you have won are (e.g Bats Gloves Helmets ETC...). theres also credits and Cheats the cheats are:
    Heat seeker-hit the stumps every time
    Extra tools-a suite of tools for the bowler
    Perfect hands-catch the ball every time
    Bat out of hell-100 percent batting skills
    Mad skills-maxed stats for everyone
    Unlock all rewards-Need i say more
    then theres Options - Display options
    Audio options
    and Records - ODI records
    Test records
    ICC Cricket World Cup records

    overall this game is fantastic and is a must buy i've got it in PS2 and PSP both are amazing worth all five stars dont even bother looking at cricket 07 theres no point buy this game and youll be amused forever FIVE STARS WITHOUT A DOUBT NO OTHER CRICKET GAME CAN COMPETE WITH THIS ONE.